Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Break

So I guess I'm blogging again.  For now.  I deactivated my Facebook account. 

I needed a break. 

 I was off for 8 days, not  that anyone noticed.  I only reactivated it because there is a commuter's group there  that is very helpful with traffic updates  for my drive, and also I get a lot of free printables for my planner in one of the groups there.  

Aside from those two groups, I'm not feeling facebook. At all. 

I'm tired of the political crap.  So tired. So tired of the fake news people pass around like its truth.  Tired of the memes showing that your candidate is right. 

You aren't changing anyone's mind. If you voted for him then I have either unfriended or unfollowed you so I can't see your posts.  

I have said many times before that the world scares me.  But I never thought it could scare me as much as it does now.  The people that are being put into office, and what they stand for is truly frightening. 


I know that now is not the time to be quiet about this.  I KNOW this.  But if I don't step back from this for a little bit I will be a sobbing mess all of the time.  I hardly leave my house as it is.  I just need to distance myself from it for a bit.  I need to build up my strength emotionally and shelter myself for a bit. For my sanity.  But I'll be back.  I'll be back to lend my voice to stand up for the horrible things happening in our government right now and in the future.  

In time. 

Anyway, change of subject.  (I've never been good at segways)

Joe and I went to Disneyland.  We got some really cheap tickets by walking in the CHOC walk(half off!), and my sister bought them for us as a Christmas present. 

We both took a day off work and spent the entire day at Disneyland and CA adventure.  

The WHOLE day.  We got there when it opened at 9:00 am and didn't leave until it closed at 9:30 pm. 


Well, except for the blisters I got from walking 12 miles. Those really hurt.  

But the Christmas decorations were up, and it wasn't crowded at all and we just had the best time.  

Instead of just repeating over and over how much fun we had(best day!), here are some photos

We started with Space Mountain. 
I love the way some people pose for the camera on the rides.  I'm too busy holding on so I don't die to pose for the photo on the ride.  Seriously every time I get on a roller coaster I'm convinced that the car could fly off the track and we could die.  I mean, it COULD happen, right?

We hit the most crowded rides first.  

Star Tours 3D glasses selfie.  It's a good look for us I think.  

The highlight of our visit was the Star Wars Launch Bay, where we met Boba Fet, Darth Vader and Chewbaca. So much fun!

Boba Fet

We met Darth Vader and this is so stupid but I actually felt nervous!   LOL

Meeting Chewbaca was amazing.  Yes, I do realize I'm talking about fictional characters here.  But he was amazing!
We each got a great big hug, and then he and Joe discussed facial hair.  

This is going on our Christmas card. 
I have no idea why I'm so squinty, or which camera I'm looking at, but it's made of awesome.   

They had some really cool Star Wars memorabilia. 

Such a neat exhibit.  Highly recommend a visit there.  

We didn't see any parades that day, so we had 12 hours to explore the park(did I ever tell you how last year when we went to Disneyland I spent a total of almost 7 hours waiting for two different parades? No?  Well I did.  7 hours.  Joe thought I was nuts.  What can I say?  I really love parades)

No parades for us this visit. 

Always a good shot
We rode the Matterhorn twice.  Once during the day and once when the parade was going on, when we walked right on.    We didn't wait more than 20 minutes for any ride the entire day.  Definitely a great time to go to Disneyland before the holiday crowds start.   

Matterhorn selfie

Gotta love haunted mansion holiday

After lunch we headed over to CA Adventure for a bit. I brought lunch and dinner(sandwiches and cold fried chicken) with us, as well as Gatorade, water and snacks.  We probably easily saved $100 by not eating in the park for meals.  I brought a huge cooler that we put in one of their extra large lockers.  We did have to pay $10 for that. But still.  It's so expensive to eat in the parks.  We saved a ton of money by bringing our own food.  

I just love Cars Land at night. 

There's a story behind this photo.  Joe and I went on this ride three times in a row(I love it!), but we went in the single rider line, which was only ten minutes long but you don't get to ride together.  

The family sitting next to me were SO excited about this ride.  Like hands up, screaming having fun. When we first got on I heard them saying that they were going to pose for the photo at the end because they were going to purchase it. Well I wasn't going to ruin their photo!  I mean, I'm going to be on display in their photo album for years to come so I might as well look like I'm having fun too!  I broke my hold-on-for-dear-life-because-you-might-die-rule for this photo.  

Next we went on The Little Mermaid.  I love, love, love The Little Mermaid

I may or may not have sung the entire time.  

Lastly we rode CA Screamin' before heading back over to DLand.  
Again with the people posing for the camera. I did not let go on this ride. See above about fear of dying.   
I wish we could have spent more time in that park but I really wanted to end our day at DLand to soak in the Christmas spirit and see the lights.  

We ended our night with It's A Small World Holiday
Love it. So magical. 
I hate this photo because my hair is a mess, and my makeup is all but gone but I also love it because that photo represents the end of a great day.  Such a great day.  It was exactly what I needed.  

I had  blisters on my feet that took days to heal, but so worth it.  

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Post About Politics

I'm about to do something I've never done on this blog, in the entire 9 years it has been in existence,
and that is talk about politics.

So we have voted into office a pseudo celebrity with zero political experience.  ZERO. He is the most unqualified candidate to ever be elected into office.  History was made in that regard.  (Yay us)

I am disappointed. I am sad.  I am in disbelief.  I am not these things because I lost.  Not because "my" candidate lost and "yours" won.  It isn't about Democrats and Republicans. It isn't about party lines.

I am sad because in addition to having zero political experience, we also voted into office a candidate who spewed hate and racism his entire campaign(whether you believe it or not).

This is an excellent article on why I am sad:
This is Why We Grieve Trump

 Many of my friends have shared this sentiment regarding the election results.

 "Regardless of how I feel about him I will need to respect him because he will be our Commander in Chief."

To that I say NO.  I do not have to respect him.  Accept it?  Yes.  Respect?  No.  I refuse to respect a man who has zero respect for me as a woman.

Many, many people have shown zero respect for our current President over the last 8 years.  They have voiced  dissatisfaction, and often contempt at every turn.  Article after article, shared on FB stating what a horrible president he is and has been.  That's not respect. But it's our right, because we live in a democracy and practice free speech to speak out about our elected leaders if we don't agree with them(or don't like them).

Trump himself shows no respect for our current president.

9 of the nastiest things Trump has said about Obama

So no, don't expect me to respect this man as our president.  Because I don't, and I won't.

For the first time in a long time I'm scared for our future.

I'm scared for all of my friends who have children adopted from other countries who are WORRIED they will be sent back to where they came from.  It doesn't matter how likely that is or isn't.  What matters is that the future POTUS is saying things that make them feel this way. Kids are smart. Kids pay attention.  They feel the hatred and fear in the air.

Two separate friends(actual, IRL friends that I know, not a friend of a fb friend) posted about incidents that happened the day after the election where kids on the playground were telling kids of color they needed to "go back home" because we are "building a wall".

In fact, racist incidents are up since the election:
Time magazine article on the rise in racist incidents since the election

It's a different world we live in where kids are mimicking hateful words they heard from our President elect, and not just from home, or wherever else they might hear racist speech.

When is the last time we elected a president where we needed actual advice on how to talk to our children about it because they're scared?  I can't remember one.

Talking to Kids About Trump's Victory
How To Talk to Your Kids About Donald Trump

I will try to be understanding of your views if you are tired of the "establishment" and think that he will shake things up.

I will try to be understanding of your point of view if you think he is a good businessman who can get our country out of debt.

I will try to be understanding of your point of view if Obamacare was a failure for your family(it wasn't for mine).

I will try to be understanding of your point of view if you voted for him because he is Conservative and you wanted conservative members of the Supreme Court.

I will try to be understanding of your point of view if you voted for him because you abhor her.

I don't understand those beliefs, but I can try.

But I cannot be understanding of your point of view if you refuse to admit that he ran on a platform of hate.  If you refuse to admit that he is a misogynist.  If you refuse to acknowledge the racist things he has said, over and over again.

I cannot and will not debate you on those things, because they are the truth. If you can honestly go back and research his campaign from the beginning and deny that those things happened, then you are denying the truth, and that I will never understand or be in agreement with.

If we are "online friends", then fine, no problem we can coexist without those topics because I will unfollow or refuse to debate if they come up.

It's my actual friends and family who support Trump that I am concerned about.  First of all, don't bring it up to me.  Ever.  Don't expect me to discuss your views on why Donald Trump is not racist.  If it comes up, don't be surprised if I get up and walk away. It's more than a case of "agree to disagree".  Hopefully we can still talk, or get together without this topic coming up. Because that's the only way I'll be able to do that. I still love you because you're my friend, but don't expect me to understand your blatant disregard for the truth about his racist tendencies.

There countless articles on racist, misogynistic things Trump has said. Out loud.  In public.  If you believe the media is against him or "spinning things", then clearly nothing will sway you into believing the truth.  He has a history of racism, dating back to the 80's.

Here's a couple:
The 15 Most Offensive Things That Have Come Out of Trump's Mouth
A Final Response to the "Tell me why Trump is racist"
Is Donald Trump a Racist? Here's What His Record Shows
13 Examples of Donald Trump Being Racist
Is Donald Trump a Racist?

Your argument is invalid.

But hey, let's make America great again.

I'm prepared to receive some backlash on this.  That's fine, but anything hateful will be deleted.  I am entitled to my opinion. It's my blog.  You're entitled to your opinion, as long as it is respectful of mine. Otherwise take it elsewhere.