Sunday, November 22, 2009

Show Me the Money

I've never really been a Vegas kind of person. I think I have been there maybe 3 times in my entire life. The last time we went was at least 15 years ago but it was over Fourth of July weekend and there were ten billion people there. Also, it was hotter than the face of the sun. Blech.

I can’t even remember if I had fun. Mostly I remember the crushing crowds of people and the heat.

I’ve never been a gambler either. I like my money too much to put it into a machine and have only a chance at getting it back. I tend to be a very lucky person though, so you would think I would at least be open to giving it a try. But not so much. Plus I simply don’t have the disposable income to be throwing around.

I was kind of surprised to to find out that online gambling websites are so prevalent(and popular).

There’s this website called CasinoVegas where you can play Vegas style games from the comfort of your own home.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I was under the impression that for most people half the thrill of gambling was the atmosphere? Being surrounded by other people, the blinking lights, the sound of the machines when they pay out. (I was going to say “the sound of the coins clinking after a win” but I’m pretty sure it’s all electronic now). Online gambling doesn't have any of that.

Not to mention the fact that this seems like it could cause serious issues for someone with a gambling problem.

I like to play games online. I play a fair amount of games on FaceBook, and for awhile I belonged to an online site where you could play all sorts of games for “points”. I never figured out what these points were for, except to show the other players how much time you spent online. Someone with over a million points obviously spends more time playing online than someone with my measly 100,000. I guess you can also use these points to buy stuff to decorate your profile, but I never got into that.

This particular website has many of the same games as the site I used to play on. But on the VegasRed site you put actual money into your account and play with it.

The online gambling seems to work on the same principal as the site I played on, except you are playing with actual money. So if you win, you win actual money. That would be nice. They even try and hook you in by offering a “bonus” of a certain amount of dollars for signing up.

But obviously if you lose, you lose actual money.

Yeah, no thanks.

As much as the thought of possibly "hitting it big" appeals to me(and I have had friends who have gone to casinos and won large sums of money), I simply can't bring myself to take that kind of chance.

Like I said before, I like my money too much and I have far to little of it.

I’ll stick with my online solitaire games.


Jenna said...

I thought online gambling was illegal in the US. The sites I play on when you try to put actual money in the site it tell you that you can't play with real money.
I like to play online poker... I just really enjoy playing poker. I don't play often and I have never played for money online, unless it was a free deposit they put in my account... (but like i said, you can't add money yourself) But I just really do enjoy poker. I don't live close to a casino so my only chances to play are online or with friends and friends are not always available.

Brendakit said...

I hear ya' Michelle. I go to Vegas rarely - but when I do I limit myself to $100 in quarters. I can't bear the thought of losing more than that.

2china4S said...

I have never been a game person, don't get video games AT ALL (P & JJ loved them), and even less into gambling. Like you, I like to hang on to whatever little money I have.

A former coworker was into Bingo and the local casinos. She had a preschooler, and when she got pregnant with twins, her Casino time was limited, due to health complications. She found Online gambling and was hooked. I remember when she called me in tears to tell me she lost $1,200 in one night. She still could not quit.

Ashley said...

Hi Michelle....I'm not the gambling type, either. I've never been to Vegas, but I've heard that the food is pretty yummy. That would be something that interests me!

Happy Thanksgiving!