Sunday, August 22, 2010

Long Time no Post

2 weeks.  Wow.  Long time no post.

My life is so boring I haven't felt the need to even put down in words what's been going on.  Joe did not get any of the jobs he interviewed for.  I spend my time either crying about it or having complete and total panic attacks.  Neither are fun, for me or for Joe.  I have to admit I am losing hope that he will find a job. Like, ever.  I do realize how silly it is to think something like that but you have your spouse go 19 months without a job and then tell me how you feel about it. It is disheartening, to say the least.

I'm one of those people who likes to have something to look forward to.  A special occasion.  A holiday. A trip.  A concert.   Something. Well we've got nothing and  haven't for a while and it's bumming me out.  I have a couple of days off(a few actually) at the end of August and I had hoped to make it up North to see my sees-ter and my Nor Cal blogging buddies but it isn't going to happen.  It's just not in the budget right now.  I am sad and disappointed about it.   

I'm ready for summer to be over.  We have been incredibly lucky with the weather here and it has been a very cool summer but in the last week it has begun to heat up.  I hate heat.  Blech.  It's too hot to go walking so I end up sitting inside on the couch for long stretches of time.  Not helpful for my negative frame of mind.  We have made it to the pool to exercise a couple of times in the last week but it's such a zoo there some evenings that there is hardly room to move, let alone work out.  Plus I love Fall.  It's my favorite season.

We have really been isolating ourselves socially as well, mostly due to financial reasons.  We mostly keep to ourselves, and stay home and shy away from being other people.  Not that we have that many friends to begin with.  We don't really have any "couples" friends that we can hang out with.  We talk all the time about how we need to get out and make friends.  We would love to have a group of people to get together with and watch movies, or play board games with.  The question is, how do we do that?  Where does a couple in their 40's(almost), married, with no kids go to find friends?  The bar?  The bowling alley?   The park? We live in an apartment so we don't even have the whole "neighborhood" aspect.  No block parties and such.  It's hard for us to meet new people.

How do you meet new friends? I think having children makes it easier, as you have other parents at your child's school/daycare, etc., plus birthday parties and such.

Today is turning out to be another lazy day.  We are committed to get out and go for a walk later after it cools down and I have some laundry to do but other than that, nada.  Tell me something fun you are doing today. Maybe I can live vicariously though you guys.

Sunday, August 08, 2010


Yesterday was a pajama kind of day.  As in, I didn't get out of my pajamas or leave the house all day. Today is shaping up to  be the same, as it is 11:15 am and I am still sitting here in my p.j.'s.  I'm not sick or anything, so I can't put the blame on that.  I'm just really tired and my back is hurting.  I suppose those are good enough reasons to lay around all day in your pajamas but I still feel incredibly lazy.  We are going out later to check out a new hiking trail we have never tried, so at least I'm not a total sloth.

I'm trying not to spend too much time worrying about Joe's job interview.  If there is one thing I am good at, it is fretting about things. How did the interview go?  Did they like him?  How many other people did they interview?  How long will it take before they call?  What if they don't call at all?(I hate when prospective employers don't call, even if you didn't get the job. It seems like common courtesy to me to call and let the applicant know that they weren't selected but you would be surprised at how many companies don't bother).  And most importantly, Did he get the job???  That is by far the most common question running though my mind. Constantly.

That last paragraph made me sound like a total spaz, which I suppose is somewhat true.  No wonder I often don't sleep well at night.  Geez.

He has another job interview next week so I am trying to remain hopeful that he gets at least one of them.  Both are jobs that are part time and pay only just above what unemployment is paying us but the most important thing right now is that he have a job.  For both of our sanity.

Thank you for the prayers and good thoughts. It means a lot to me.

Off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday(and hopefully get out of my pajamas).

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dragon Boat Races, Day Two

I don’t actually have anything to post for day two, as I left my camera at home. I just didn’t want to leave you hanging. Day Two was actually really awesome. We placed second in one of our races, which is the best place we have placed, well, ever. I did mention we are a non-competitive team, right? We are the only team that has kids and adults in our boat. The other teams have either all kids or all adults and they practice for a much longer time period than we do (we only practice 3 months out of the year). What does this mean? It means we usually place last or second to last and we are happy with that. We aren’t “in it to win it”. We are in it for the exercise, and the teamwork and the fun (and also to share in our common bond of children adopted from China). So second place? It pretty much rocks. We were all so thrilled.

I’m not going to beat around the bush this time, I’m just going to come out and ask (beg) you all for (another) favor. Joe has a job interview on Thursday and we need to him to get the job. Badly. I’m at the end of my rope here. Emotionally and financially. All prayers and good thoughts would be so appreciated. Thank you so much.