Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Twenty-two years ago I went to a New Year's Eve party and met a boy. Little did I know that 22 years later we would still be together. Happy Anniversary Joe! It's been quite a ride.

I saw this on another blog and loved it. It is perfect for the New Year. Better yet, it is a free download so you can download it and take it to Kinko's and have them blow it up to frame. I'm thinking of doing just that.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm on my 8th day of vacation and it's kind of a double edged sword for me.  One the one hand, I LOVE getting to sleep in as long as I want and not having to go to work, but on the other I don't do well without some kind of structure. Yesterday I didn't get out of my pajamas all day.  I read on my Kindle, messed around on the computer and watched a movie. It was raining though, so that made it easier to just lay around.  I feel so lazy though.  Today it's sunny and we are going to go for a bike ride later.  I tend to become a hermit when I have so many days off.  I need to get out of the house. I have a couple of gift cards burning a hole in my pocket too so that's on the agenda today as well. I actually wouldn't have minded working a couple of days this week, since the time we have off is unpaid.

 I just realized I spent a whole paragraph complaining about my vacation.  Sorry.  You can tell me to shut up now.  :)  I'm just really bored.

You know how when you are on vacation you lose track of time?  Well I can't remember what day it is, let alone the date.  All day yesterday I thought it was Thursday.  For some reason I thought Thursday was New Year's Eve. All day long I kept asking Joe "What day is today?"  and "Is it New Year's Eve"?  All.  Day.  Long.  It was driving him crazy.  So then today I woke up and said "Today is Thursday.  *now* it's New Year's Eve".  He was so exasperated that he replied "NO.  Today is NOT New Year's Eve.  How about you stop asking me  and I will tell you when it is finally here." Of course now I have been asking him every half an hour as a joke.  Heh.

Speaking of New Year's Eve, I have been thinking about if I am going to make any New Year's resolutions.  In the past I have made them, but of course never kept them.  Weight loss is at the top of my list but I just don't know if I can find the motivation to do it.  Here's the thing:  I have lost weight many times throughout my lifetime. I am actually very good at losing weight.  I always use Weight watchers and it works very well for me.  5 years ago I lost 50 pounds.  Just last spring I lost 30(I was also walking 5 miles a day then).  The problem is, I always gain the weight back(although I haven't gained back *all* of the weight from last Spring.  But a good portion of it).  So my question for anyone out there that has lost a significant amount of weight is How do you keep it off?  How do you keep the motivation to stay on the healthy eating track and not gain the weight back?  It's amazing how quickly weight that took you a year to lose creeps back on.

The other goal I have tried for the last 3 years and not fulfilled was Project 365.   Every year I start out gung ho, snapping a picture religiously every day and then by the end of January I fizzle out.  Not because I get bored, but because I  live such a boring life that I literally run out of things to photograph.  There are only so many pictures of the sunset or my dog that one can take pictures of.
Do you make New Year's resolutions?  What are some of them?

We don't have any plans for New Year's.  In fact, this will be the first year in 10 years that we aren't baby sitting.  You would think we would have made some kind of grand plans or something but we're just planning on staying home and trying to stay awake long enough to watch the ball drop in NY. New Year's Eve is the 22nd anniversary of the day we met so we might throw a bottle of champagne in there, but that's about it.

Anyone have any fun plans for New Year's Eve?  I'd love to hear about them.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last days of our trip

The day after Christmas we headed over to Crissy Field to let the dogs and children burn off some energy.  It was beautiful, as usual.  Even the weather cooperated.  Sunny, slight breeze with temps in the low 60's. Perfect for a walk on the beach.
                                  Cameron threw a stick(log?) for Finn, hoping to wear him out.

                                                     I made him get in the picture.

                                 You can't beat the unobstructed views of the bridge from there.
We brought a picnic lunch which we ate on the retaining wall.  This was minutes before someone's crazed Weimaraner came by and stole Cameron's sandwich right out of his hand.  It was pretty funny actually.

We were supposed to leave on Monday, but we decided to stay one more day. Lisa and I went and got pedicures.  This is a treat for me. I never get to have them.  I think the last time I did was in the summer, with Lisa as well.


                                                    Lisa got me this mug for Christmas.
                                                            It says
                                                            If by "happy"
                                                            you mean trapped
                                                            with no means of escape.......?
                                                            then yes, I'm happy.

                                                              Haha!  It's a joke!!

Joe got Lisa this Edward figurine for Christmas because he knows how much she loves him.  We decided to have a birthday cake since we can't spend our birthdays together and I stuck Edward in the middle.  Cameron wanted to light him on fire but he settled for placing the candles on the cake around him.

                   Every picture Joe took one or the other of us wasn't happy with how we looked.
                   Finally Lisa said "Let's bend down behind the table so you can't see our bodies."
                                              Ummmm.....yeah, that looks much better.
                                                      Gracie got a hold of the camera.
 This is the hair do Cameron came out of the shower with.  He kept calling it his "Fox Hawk" (instead of "faux hawk").  No idea where he came up with that.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

Finally the big day was here!  The kids didn't even get us up at an ungodly hour this year.  That in itself was a good present.
One of my presents to Lisa.  She guessed what it was  :)

 Cameron wondering why he got an X-box game when he didn't have an X-box.  Lisa told him she meant to buy a Wii game and accidentally bought that instead.  He was bummed.
Until he opened the actual X-box itself.  Then he wasn't bummed anymore.
           Finn got a stuffed squirrel.  (SQUIRREL!!!) That's what we yell any time we see the squirrel in his mouth.  Well, what's left of it anyway.  He pretty much tore it shreds within minutes of opening it.
Joe had to corral Gizmo.  She was kind of pissed that Finn got a squirrel and she didn't

                                                                   Piles of presents!

                Uncle Kenny trying out the Dance game.  I tried it today.  I really am a bad dancer.  I have            
               video to prove it.  You won't be seeing it.  You may, however, be seeing my sister's video on            
                    Facebook later.
                                 Grace putting jewels in my hair with the hair bedazzler I got her.

Later we played a mean game of "Life".  I lost.

                                                               An E-bay gift card for Joe.
And a new I-Pod

I got lots of stuff that I asked for that I  needed.  
New dish towels, a warm throw for our couch, some p.j.'s and slippers.  
My favorite present was my sister's Kindle.  She got a new one and she gave me her original one, with the skin, case, and booklight as well.  I love it!  I plan on putting it to good use on our drive home.  We were supposed to come home today(Monday) but decided to stay an extra day.  We will leave first thing tomorrow morning, and Lisa and family will head to Vegas for New Years.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve (Night)

After dinner we went to go see some Christmas lights.  Grace had my camera for the whole night so these are courtesy of her.  I thought it was funny that she even took a sel portrait in front of this snowman.

 These people take their Christmas light seriously

                                     Finn watched from the car. Cameron and Scott did too.
 I have been having horrible headaches.  I thought they might be migraines but when i g**gled  the symptoms  they seem to be cluster headaches instead.  They are horrible and the pain is unrelenting.  Anyway, I had brought a ziplock of frozen corn(hey, whatever works) in the car to put over my eye and apparently Grace took a picture of me.  Funny kid.
 Grace and Cameron got to open up their gifts from Papa and Uncle Kenny.  Grace got an Easel. She LOVED it.
 Posing with Uncle Kenny and her new Easel.  Cameron got a long board skateboard.  Again, no picture.  He wouldn't pose with it.
 Ready for Santa to come.  Although from the looks of the presents under the tree, he already did!
We had tamales for dinner and finished the night off watching "A Christmas Story".  We usually go to the local church for their Christmas Eve services but the headache really put a damper on my evening and I was feeling too poorly to attend.  :(

Next up:  Christmas Day

Christmas Eve Day

We left the house at 5:00 a.m to beat the traffic up to my sister's house on Thursday.

We ended up with an extra guest in our car.  It's a long story.  But I've got time.  Any time we are going to be away for more than a few days Joe feeds his snake so he won't be hungry while we are gone.  Yes, we have a snake.  Yes, he eats baby rats.  I know it seems gross to most of you, but for me it's just a fact of life.  I got it over years ago. Anyway, sometimes the snake is picky.  He won't eat the rat that Joe chose.  We don't know why.  So of course he chooses *this* day not to eat his dinner.  It's too late at night to return him to the pet store so he had to come with us.  He is the sweetest little thing and he has been name "Remy" and I think we are going to be in trouble when it comes time to return him because we (read: I) am becoming very attached to him.

Driving.  And driving.  And driving.

Joe's favorite part of the drive.
Christmas Eve we drove into the city to take in the sights
Tree in Union Square
 We're just going to start taking pictures with Grace and pretend she is Sophie

Scott took us to this really cool Irish Pub for lunch.
Irish Bank.  I had Fish and Chips.  It was soooo good

It was down this alleyway

Joe had a Guinnness. Blech.  I had a Hefeweizen.  It was yummy.
I love this city
Love it.

                   I'm not sure why I still feel compelled to take a picture in front of China town
Of course Grace wanted in.  I assure you that we do love our nephew as much as we do our niece.  He is simply at the age where he wants nothing to do the camera.

They had these cool statues that reminded me of the ones in China on Shamain Island

Uncle Joe and Grace monkeying around

Next up, Christmas Eve(night)

Later.  Right now I am still in my pajamas and I'm playing with the Kindle that Santa brought  me (Actually he brought Lisa a new one and I was gifted her old one.  I love it!) as it rains outside.  So far it's a been a perfect Christmas day!