Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

Finally the big day was here!  The kids didn't even get us up at an ungodly hour this year.  That in itself was a good present.
One of my presents to Lisa.  She guessed what it was  :)

 Cameron wondering why he got an X-box game when he didn't have an X-box.  Lisa told him she meant to buy a Wii game and accidentally bought that instead.  He was bummed.
Until he opened the actual X-box itself.  Then he wasn't bummed anymore.
           Finn got a stuffed squirrel.  (SQUIRREL!!!) That's what we yell any time we see the squirrel in his mouth.  Well, what's left of it anyway.  He pretty much tore it shreds within minutes of opening it.
Joe had to corral Gizmo.  She was kind of pissed that Finn got a squirrel and she didn't

                                                                   Piles of presents!

                Uncle Kenny trying out the Dance game.  I tried it today.  I really am a bad dancer.  I have            
               video to prove it.  You won't be seeing it.  You may, however, be seeing my sister's video on            
                    Facebook later.
                                 Grace putting jewels in my hair with the hair bedazzler I got her.

Later we played a mean game of "Life".  I lost.

                                                               An E-bay gift card for Joe.
And a new I-Pod

I got lots of stuff that I asked for that I  needed.  
New dish towels, a warm throw for our couch, some p.j.'s and slippers.  
My favorite present was my sister's Kindle.  She got a new one and she gave me her original one, with the skin, case, and booklight as well.  I love it!  I plan on putting it to good use on our drive home.  We were supposed to come home today(Monday) but decided to stay an extra day.  We will leave first thing tomorrow morning, and Lisa and family will head to Vegas for New Years.

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It looks like a lovely Christmas.