Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve (Night)

After dinner we went to go see some Christmas lights.  Grace had my camera for the whole night so these are courtesy of her.  I thought it was funny that she even took a sel portrait in front of this snowman.

 These people take their Christmas light seriously

                                     Finn watched from the car. Cameron and Scott did too.
 I have been having horrible headaches.  I thought they might be migraines but when i g**gled  the symptoms  they seem to be cluster headaches instead.  They are horrible and the pain is unrelenting.  Anyway, I had brought a ziplock of frozen corn(hey, whatever works) in the car to put over my eye and apparently Grace took a picture of me.  Funny kid.
 Grace and Cameron got to open up their gifts from Papa and Uncle Kenny.  Grace got an Easel. She LOVED it.
 Posing with Uncle Kenny and her new Easel.  Cameron got a long board skateboard.  Again, no picture.  He wouldn't pose with it.
 Ready for Santa to come.  Although from the looks of the presents under the tree, he already did!
We had tamales for dinner and finished the night off watching "A Christmas Story".  We usually go to the local church for their Christmas Eve services but the headache really put a damper on my evening and I was feeling too poorly to attend.  :(

Next up:  Christmas Day


KHM said...

They *might* be cluster - but you are the wrong age, wrong sex and don't smoke - There is a way to tell if you get to the ER, I'd have to look again, but I think they have you breath Nixrous Oxide and if they go away that is it!

Why do you think not Migraine? they can also be very very painful.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the headaches.

Boy, those are some serious lights.