Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Heart James Taylor

I love him. I truly do. I have seen him eight times in concert and I own every one of his albums. Every single one. I can sing every word to almost all of his songs. (If you recall, I'm like an idiot savant when it comes to music lyrics). I just got his new Christmas album too. They are showing a tribute to him on cable right now. On KCET. Some great artists are performing his songs. Chicks, Bonnie Raitt, Cheryl Crow, Alison Krause, David Crosby, and many more! At the end he is going to perform. Joe is at work, so I’m sitting in my living room singing all by myself. Well, the dogs are here too, but they are not impressed with my singing.
Only two more days of this posting every day stuff. I honestly have nothing new to say. Thanks for all the kind comments on our LID. Now that I don't have that to worry about, I must find something new to stress out over. :) That shouldn't be too hard! Maybe later I will have something insightful and witty to write about. (Yeah right!)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We have our LID!

Hubby just got off the phone with our adoption agency. We have our Log in Date! Woohoo!
And it is October 26th! That means we have been logged in for a whole month already! Yippee! Now we are off to play hooky from an appointment we had to go to the movies to celebrate. Shhhhh....don't tell!

Time flies

O.K., when did my Christmas ticker at the top of the page go from weeks until Christmas to days? There are only 27 more shopping days until Christmas people! Yikes! Fortunately for me, my shopping is almost done, and, are you ready for this? They are wrapped already! Don't hate me because I'm organized. Last year I was so totally unprepared because I had surgery the second week in December. I told myself I would be more organized this year and I have been successful. Yay me! My lunch break is coming to an end(sigh) and I have to get back to the little monsters, Uh, I mean children.

Monday, November 27, 2006

LID Blues

Dudes, we have been DTC for a month and three weeks. Shouldn't we have our LID by now? I'm becoming impatient. Joe is going to call the agency tomorrow and see if they know anything yet. Sigh. Other than that, a great day. We're finally seeing some Fall weather around here. It's about time! I love the cooler weather. I even love the rain(as long as it doesn't last more than a couple of days). *To the people I work with: FYI: sixty-three degree weather does not constitute a reason to keep sixty -five children cooped up inside all day. Wear a jacket to work and give me a break. Please!*

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sparkling Clean

My house, that is. I spent the entire day cleaning my house. Seeing as though I live in a 1000 square foot apartment, it must have been very dirty. I did twleve loads of laundry today. Twelve loads. How is it possible that two people can generate that much laundry? How is that humanly possible? And it costs me two bucks a load. You do the math. I did wash every single linen that we own. Bed sheets, furniture covers, blankets, rugs, towels. I have to do this quite often, because of the dogs, but I'l admit this time it was overdue. I am exhausted. Now I just have to get my husband to keep it clean for the next five days. I want the house clean when my sister comes to visit next weekend. That's right, my sister is coming to visit. Without the kids! And we are going to have another bloggy get together! Yay!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Feeling Semi-Normal Again

Today I actually left the house! And ate real food! And it didn't make me want to throw up! Now that's something to be thankful for. That was the longest stomach bug I have ever experienced. So glad it's done with. I bet you thought I forgot about the posting every day thing. Actually, I did. I'm sitting here with my husband and we're listening to some Jazz and messing around on our computers(yeah, we have more than one. Another thing to be thankful for). I just finished decorating the house for Christmas and putting up the lights(my husband doesn't do Christmas decorations. Hey, he can't be perfect). We live in a pretty small apartment, but it took me a couple of hours to decorate. I have a lot of Christmas decorations. A lot. Most of them were my Mom's. She loved Christmas too. My Dad gave them to me when she died. So putting them up makes me think of her. You should see the outside lights. My husband thinks I am crazy with the amount of lights I manage to get onto our tiny apartment entryway. Okay, it doesn't really look like that, but it would if I had the resources. One year I actually got a letter from our apartment complex telling me I had too many decorations and would have to take some down. Bah, Humbug! I never did take them down(until after Christmas, of course), and I think they have conceded because I never got another letter. Yeah, I loves me some Christmas.

Friday, November 24, 2006

I did manage to venture out this morning for some after Thanksgiving shopping, but I only made it to one store. Pathetic, I know. This is due partly to the fact that I still feel rotten. Enough with this flu already. The good part of that is I haven't been able to eat hardly anything, so at least I won't have the extra five Thanksgiving pounds to get rid of. Here are some highlights of my shopping experience:

--My goal was to go to Kohl's first, since it is just down the block from my house. They opened at five, but I figured if I got there at five thirty or so it wouldn't be too busy. Ummmmmm....NOT! I arrived there at five forty and the place was a zoo! Luckily I was able to get a good parking spot, as someone was leaving right when I pulled in. Score!
--Of course there were no shopping carts to be had(or bags, even). I figured this was a good thing. At least now I couldn't buy more than I could carry.
--Due to the lack of carts, people were actually walking all the way down to the grocery store in the same center and bringing those carts into the store. Hello people, those aisles aren't big enough for those carts!
--Said people's carts were FULL. I mean, like overflowing, top and bottom. Who needs to buy that many presents? I think I have too many people to buy for, and I don't think I could fill one of those carts with every present on my list!
--Also, what's with people buying ten (I counted)of the same gift? Are you seriously planning on giving a George Foreman grill to every person on your list?
--People that get up that early to go shopping are serious. Get out of their way.
--There was so much to look at and so many people that I became overwhelmed and just started wandering around aimlessly. I figured then it was time to go.
--I was dreading the line to check out which was wrapped half way around the store, but it actually wasn't that bad. Kohl's did a great job of moving things along and I was out of there in about ten minutes. Go Kohl's!
--The one item that I really wanted was sold out already. After only forty minutes. Bummer.
--The number one thing I learned from my shopping experience? I'm not cut out for this kind of shopping. I will continue to do my Christmas shopping in early September or online.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

After Thanksgiving Shopping Tips

I have decided I am getting up early tomorrow in search of the good deals that are supposedly out there. While surfing the net looking at online ads, I found a few shopping tips. First, there are websites out there that show you all of the store's ads for this weekend, as well as each individual item that is on sale. Some stores, like Walmart and Comp USA also have "secret" deals that aren't in their ads, and can only be seen in the stores, or on these websites. Here's a couple to check out. Also, many of the stores I was planning on visiting tomorrow have the same sales online(right now!) as they do in the store, so I don't even have to go there to save any money! Yes, I will have to pay shipping, but it saves me the aggravation of fighting the crowds and trying to find a parking space. That is priceless! Well, I'm off to see if there are any more ways I can save money tomorrow. It looks like I may actually finish my Chritmas shopping tomorrow. Yippee!

Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like it's going to be a quiet one around here this year. I am still feeling pretty rotten. This flu is a doozy. I managed to get up and run the dishwasher, but even that amount of effort left me exhausted. Luckily for us, I had the foresight to order a full turkey dinner from Boston Market last week, which Joe is picking up right now. All you do is heat and serve! We were supposed to go over to my Mother in Law's house for turkey, but I had ordered this so we would have leftovers to eat all weekend. I love leftovers. I love them almost more than the actual dinner itself. So now we can have turkey here, and still have leftovers. I so hope I am feeling normal again tomorrow. I really want to go shopping. I want to get up at five a.m. and wait in line to get into the stores kind of shopping. I have only done this once before, and I don't remember being all that impressed, but for some reason I want to do it this year. So if I am feeling better I'm going to try it. I have it all planned out. Which stores I am going to , with lists of what I need at each one, and which stores are offerring free stuff. I am going about it in a very organized way. Maybe later I'll post my shopping plan for your amusement, if I'm really bored. Until then, have a happy Thanksgiving and try not to eat too much!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thaanksgiving

I know Thanksgiving isn't a holiday known for the giving of gifts, but I received a lovely gift this Thanksgiving. It came from the kids, and it is soooo appreciated(O.K., sarcasm is over now). You probably want to know what it is. Well, it is a nasty case of the stomach flu! Lucky me! :) There is only one word to describe the manner in which I vomited last night. Violently. Eight times. Ugh. Today I feel like I have been run over by a truck and I could barely lift my head off the pillow. This is the first time I have been out of bed all day. It is very rare that I become so sick that I can't drag myself out of bed in the morning and at least open. Today was one of those days. I slept on the bathroom floor last night, drenched in sweat and wrapped in a blanket. *Note to self: Must clean bathroom* We sent two kids home because they threw up last week, and we were even joking about how I was soooo going to catch it, but I didn't expect to get it so quickly. Me being sick caused huge problems at work again for me, I'm sure. My boss took this week off, and she was none too happy when my husband called at 6:00 a.m. and told her she would have to go in because I coiuldn't. I don't feel bad this time. I can't help it. My immune system is compromised right now. When you are sick, you're sick. I can honestly say I have never called in sick if I was physically able to go in. This morning I was not physically able to do anything but lay in bed. I don't feel like I should have to apologize for that. My boss feels differently. Sigh. Anyway, depending on how I am feeling in the morning, we may end up just staying home and spending a quiet Thanksgiving, just the two of us. Judging by how I feel right now, that will be the case.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

That last post is proof that I cannot spell when I am tired. I can't get Blogger's spell check to work on my browser. I don't know why. I am usually a stickler for spelling. I will even go back and change a post if I read it and find spelling errors. I'm too lazy to do that now. I am so looking forward to having four days off. So. Looking. Forward. To it. This is the longest short week ever. I'm still having stress at work. I think there are big changes coming ahead, but I can't talk about them right now. The particular problem that is causing me stress is going to come to a head soon. Or rather I am going to have to confront someone about it and it will get ugly(on their part, not mine). Sigh. I would at least like to get through the holidays before having to deal with that. Every morning when I wake up I pray for God to give me patience to deal with my co-workers(and the children, but honestly they are easier than the adults.) I have been trying very hard to have a positive outlook and let things roll off my back instead of becoming annoyed or upset over them. Here's something that tested my patience today. I had to leave work to buy some craft supplies and on the way back I was stopped at a traffic light. I was making a left hand turn and there was one car in front of me. It was an elderly person. The light turned green, and she didn't start inching out into the intersection. She didn't move at all, but stayed firmly behind the crosswalk line. The light remained green, and eventually it was clear. Still she did not move. The light turned yellow, then red. I was annoyed that I had to wait at the same light twice, but shrugged it off. The light turned green again. Still she did not move. Later it occurred to me that she may have been waiting for a green arrow, which this particular traffic light did not have. Again the light turns yellow, then red. I am becoming seriously annoyed at this point. By this time several cars are behind me so I can't even go around her. I have a personal policy that I do not honk at other drivers(unless they don't see me and I want them to know I am there). I don't think it helps, and in this day and age with road rage and such, you never know what kind of crazy person is in the car next to you. I especially don't honk at elderly people. It just isn't nice. I hate to be honked at, so I don't honk at others. By the time the light turned green a fourth time, the other cars were either going around us or laying on their horns. The woman kept looking nervously in her rear view mirror, but still did not move. I did not honk at her. I sat there and willed her to move at the next green light. Finally, when the fifth light was turning from yellow to red, she turned. I had to wait for the light one more time before I was able to proceed, putting my time at the light at about ten minutes and six green lights. And yet I remained calm. That woman was doing the best she could. Maybe she honestly didn't know what to do at a light without an arrow. Maybe she was in an accident and was nervous. I don't know. I'll never know. What I do know is that I remained patient and did not allow myself to become agitated like I normally would. I need to remember to do this more often. I'll be a better person for it.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Uhhhh..Do I like this posting every day stuff? Not so much. My head is empty of thoughts right now. I am on a new medication and I have been sleepy all day. Ugh. I hate being sleepy. I am used to being tired, but sleepy makes me seriously want to put mu head on the table and nap. Not good when you work with five year olds! I'm sure you would love for me to sit and regale you with tales of my faboulously interesting life, but my eyelids are heavy already and my bed is calling my name.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Good Day

Despite the early wake up, today turned out to be a good day. I was able to get back to sleep at around five thirty, and slept another couple of hours. Got up and made breakfast for Joe before he had to go off to work. Cleaned the house and did some laundry before running some errands and then meeting up with Joe for lunch. Fun! Then it was back home for me, where I finished beading several bracelets that a co-worker had ordered. Oh, before heading home I made a quick stop at Albertson's to pick up some prescriptions for Joe and myself. They had a sign for a promotion they are having where you can earn a ten dollar gift card for every fifth prescription you have filled. I asked the pharmacist if I could sign up and asked if that applied to only new prescriptions, or did refills count? She said all prescriptions are eligible, including refills. My jaw dropped to the floor. Do you know how many prescriptions we have in this household? Between Joe and my self it averages around thirteen. That's two ten dollar gift cards per month! I asked if there were any restrictions and when she said no, I told her they might want to start some. I love earning free money for something I have to have anyway. If you have Albertson's/Sav On in your area, you might want to check it out.

Awake again

Well, here it is, 4:30 in the morning and I am awake. Awake! And so is my husband. If insomnia is hereditary, maybe it's a good thing we can't have biological children because I wouldn't wish this torture on anyone. I am so tired. And yet I can't sleep. Ugh. I should look on the bright side. My husband and I are watching a movie together, so at least we're getting some quality time. Even if it is four a.m. Unfortunatly my husband has to get up and go to work in a few hours. Poor guy. Maybe a cup of tea and a magazine will make me sleepy.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I know I'm supposed to be posting every day, but really I got nothin'. I hope we hear something about our LID soon. I know it doesn't really matter with our agency, since they give out group numbers and we already have ours, but I still want our LID. I don't know why. Maybe because everybody else has one? Today was a relaxing day. Joe had to work(when doesn't he?), I had lunch with Dad, then camd home and took a nap. I am quite the napper lately. I haven't been feeling great. The naps seem to help. Now I'm off to get ready to go to a belated birthday dinner for my hubby with my in laws.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Here are the pictures of the scrapbook pages I did on Tues. If you have a Memories/Paperzone in your area, they sell their class kits so you can do them at home.
They really did turn out cute and you could simplify them even more by skipping the inking or not using the brads. You could also use letter stickers instead of the foam stamps to spell out "family". I like the look of the stamps, but I find them hard to do(they have to be perfect, remember?) and it is pretty messy with the paint and all. I realize if you are not a scrapbooker you have no idea what I am talking about. Sorry! In other news, I had a follow up with th efoot doctor today. My foot feels much better since wearing the boot, but I still have pain once in awhile, especially when I have been on my feet all day. He says I need to get orthotics. Those are custom made inserts for your shoes. They cost three hundred dollars, and no, they aren't covered by my insurance, thank you very much. He said I have to wear the boot until I am able to have my feet casted for the orthotics. It looks like I'll be wearing the boot for awhile. Sigh. I was truly hoping to get it off today. We simply don't have an extra three hundred dollars right now. Possibly after the holidays, but realistically probably not until February. If my foot is feeling O.K. I may just try to wear the lovely hiking boots he had me buy two months ago, with the temporary orthotic devices he gave me last time. Joe says no way, you are wearing the boot. He should know by now I don't do well with people telling me what to do! :) I was really hoping this would resolve itself on its own, but no such luck.
Don’t ask me how the movie was last night. I don’t know. I didn’t go. My husband and I got into an argument right before we were supposed to leave, and I decided to stay home. This is pretty rare for us. Although we do fight, it isn’t that often and we are always able to resolve it. My husband is a big stickler on “Don’t go to bed mad.” He is also very adamant about saying “goodbye” and “I love you” before parting. So for me to tell him I am not going to the movies with him and then hang up on him is a first. And he didn’t call me back. He went to the movie without me. Hmmph. You are probably wondering what prompted me to behave that way. For the most part I am pretty eay going(I try to be anyway). But there are a few things that I am obsessive about. Being late is one of them. I hate to be late. HATE it. So much so that if I find myself in a situation where I might be more than twenty minutes late, I will often opt not to go. I hate it that much. This is one issue on which my husband and I have a difference of opinion. He is chronically late. Always. I often tell him he couldn’t be on time if his life depended on it. It drives me crazy. Usually we are able to work it out. Either I will tell him we need to be somewhere a half an hour earlier than we actually need to, or we will drive separately and meet at the destination. This actually works out quite well. I get to be on time, and he gets to be late and neither one of us is annoyed. (O.K., I'll admit I still might be a teensy annoyed when he's late. But at least he didn't make me late too). That was the plan last night. We were supposed to meet at the movie theater. I was coming from home, and he was coming from the night class he was teaching. We were supposed to meet his friend and wife in front of the movie theater at seven fifteen. I was dressed and ready to walk out the door at six forty-five. I called him to see where he was and he didn't answer. I continued to call him for twenty minutes, and he still didn't answer. Finally, at seven ten he answered. And he hadn't even left yet. And he was forty minutes away. I was so mad. He told me to go ahead and meet with his friends and he would be there shortly. Uhhhh...No. I have never even met these people! I didn't even know what they looked like! What was I going to do? Walk around the front of the movie theater calling out their names? Oh, and by the way, my husband is running forty minutes late? I don't think so. So I chose to stay home. He went without me. He said he wasn't that late. I don't believe him. I'm a little miffed that he went without me. He says I over reacted. Maybe. But I hate to be late. I can't help it. We're over it now, but steam was coming out of my ears last night.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bond. James Bond

Tonight we’re off to see an early press release
of Casino Royal. One of Joe’s co-workers got tickets,
and invited us to go. I would be looking forward to it,
if I wasn’t so tired and it was going to be over before eleven o’ clock tonight.
With the pace I am keeping this week, I may just crash by the weekend.
I had a great time at the scrapbook class last night. I'll post pictures of the pages tomorrow. We finished six out of the eight layouts. I hope to fiinish the other two
this weekend. I am quite happy with the way they turned out. They are fall
like but not too "thanksgivingish". Yeah, that's a word. Instead of being focused around turkeys and pilgrims, the theme was more family and being thankful. I love the colors that were used too. I need to rush off again and get ready to go.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Only time for another quick post again. I have only a half hour before I have to get to my scrapbook class. I am excited about this class. It is being held at the local scrapbook store, right around the corner from my house. The class is titled "simple scrapbooking" and the theme is "giving thanks". I will complete four two page layouts in this class. I need some ideas on how to make my scrapbook pages simple, but still cute. I am seriously behind on my books at the moment, mostly due to the fact that I want every page to be perfect. If I can't spend a lot of time on one page, I won't do it. I have to get over this. Once I have a child I won't have time to make pages that take four hours to do. I need to simplify and let go of my perfectionism. I have started working on Sophie's book. A couple of the pages I make tonight will go into it, ready for pictures of her first Thanksgiving home. Gotta go get ready to go.

Monday, November 13, 2006

I have just returned from Bunco. I won! Forty-five dollars! Woo Hoo! And Joe and I drove together, since Bunco is about a block from the school he teaches at, so I got to spend time with him too. Yay! But I am exhausted. I left the house at 6:15 this morning and have just returned at 10:15. A long day. It isn't about to let up either. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment, then a scrapbooking class. Wednesday Joe and I are going out. On a weeknight! With another couple! Shocking, I know. Thursday is another doctor's appointment, followed by a three year old's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's. I am tired just thinking about all of it. I better get to bed!

Wanna have a good cry? Watch this video. Worked for me!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

An Unproductive Weekend

Unproductive. That's the best way to describe my weekend. Is that a word? That's a word, right? Hang on, let me check. Yup. It's a word. Sometimes I make words up, so I have to check. I have gotten nothing done this weekend. Pretty much all I have done is lay around. Yesterday I was dressed, but today I have been in my pajamas all day. I'm feeling better, so it isn't that. I don't know what it is. I am simply not motivated to do anything. Not clean the house, or do laundry, or scrap, or make bracelets for someone who ordered them for Christmas. No, all I want to do is read, or watch movies, or sleep. We watched the original Star Wars last night. Why? Because it was on. So that's my life right now. Unproductive. Hopefully I will snap out if it soon so I can get something done around here.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Apparently I can't spell due to lack of sleep judging by the title of my last post. Oh, and today is Veteran's Day, not yesterday. So hug a veteran today.

Good Morining

Hello. Good Morning. Here it is, 5:25 a.m. and I am posting to my blog. Instead of sleeping. On a Saturday. Enough with this insomnia already. Please.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I have seen this several times before, on other blogs but I thought I would share too. I love it. It makes me cry. Every time.

Happy Veteran's Day

Hug a Veteran today if you can! I got nothin' else. Still sick. Sitting home alone on a Friday night missing my husband(who's at work). That's it.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Random Things

Too tired for a regular post, so here'e a list instead:
1. I am sick. Not a lot to say about it. Finding it hard to believe that the Prednisone could make me this susceptible to illness. I'm taking a ton of vitamins/supplements. Prednisone is evil.
2. I am so tired of having to explain what happened to my foot. I know people are only being nice by asking, but I am so tired of 'splaining. I have started making things up to tell people. My favorites are
A) I injured it while playing Dance Dance Revolution. No, I didn't get a good score.
B) On the weekends I am a professional snowboarder. I injured my foot in a competition.
C) Nothing is wrong with my foot. I am wearing this boot because I need attention. At all times.
3. Only one more day of early dismissal for the kids. Good. I am tired.
4. Only two more weeks until Thanksgiving. Yikes. How did that happen?
5. Only six more weeks until Christmas. Double Yikes. I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. I love the music, the decorations, the time off, the giving of gifts, and the time spent with family. I hate that I feel lonely around that time because I miss my Mom. I also feel sad about the no kids thing. Christmas is all about the kids.
6. How many more numbers can I start with the word "only"?
7. Last night I was laying in bed talking to God(As I often do). I was telling Him about our finances right now, and how it is really tight around here since Joe won't be getting paid for this late starting class until December. (He hasn't had a full paycheck since July. July.) I was asking that He help us make it through the holidays and still have enough to pay the bills and eat. I came home from work today and got the mail like I always do. I sifted through the bills when I came across what looked to be a paycheck from one of the colleges my husband works at. And yet it couldn't be. My husband gets paid on the last day of the month. He has already been paid for this month. I open it up and inside is indeed a paycheck for one thousand dollars. In the Memo section it simply says "Bonus". Thank You, God. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Posting something every day is provig to be somewhat of a challenge to me. My life is simply not that interesting. I am utterly exhausted. The kids have half days all the rest of this week, so work is CRAZY with the kids getting out at noon, and coming to me so I can feed them and entertain them for six hours until their parents come and get them. We had sixty seven kids attend today. By the time it is time for me to go home, allI want to do is crawl into bed. It doesn't help that I'm sick again(yes, again!) For those of you keeping track, that's four times in the last six weeks. There is no doubt in my mind that it is the Prednisone causing this. I am slowly tapering off and hope to be done with it by January. Enough already. I am feeling so under the weather that I missed my monthly scrapbook class. Bummer. I finished the layout and everything! Oh well, there is always next month. I'm off to have some chicken noodle soup and lay around in my pajamas.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Can't we all just get along?

I’m having issues at work. Women issues(No, not that kind of women issues)
What is it with women anyway? They are catty, and backstabbing, and at times outright bitchy. I am referring to myself also. And a lot of times they lie(I try not to do this. I do not always succeed). Why is it so easy for us to say unkind things about another person to someone else, but could never say it to their face(the person they are talking about)? That’s what I mean by backstabbing. And yes, I admit I have done this too. This runs rampant at my workplace. People are always telling me nasty things that someone else said about me or another co-worker. Yet the person that actually said it would never in a million years repeat it to me(or to the co-worker they are talking about). This is starting to get confusing. Are ya still with me here? What I’m trying to say is there is a lot of “He said, she said” going on(Or She said, She said). I have even confronted the person that said the nasty things about me and they say “I never said that”. Liar! If I push it and say “So and so told me you said it” they say “They must have misunderstood me. I never said that” Liar, liar, pants on fire!!! I HATE that. If someone outright asks me if I said something about them, I will admit it and apologize. I don’t LIE and say “I never said that”. Obviously you already know I said it, or you wouldn’t be confronting me about it. I have one co-worker in particular that I am having issues with. We have worked together for fourteen years. Fourteen years, people! You would think after that many years we would get along. But we don't. And I know why. I don't like her. I never have. She is not someone I would spend time with if I wasn't forced to work with her. She is unprofessional, negative, and at times downright nasty, to the kids and other workers. How she has been there as long as she has is a mystery to me(that's a whole other Oprah). I simply tolerate her presence. I don't talk to her very much, unless I am giving her a direct order(I am her superior, but only when my boss is not on campus). I don't chit chat with her. I don't tell her things about my life. By the time another competent adult comes to work(four hours later) I am so starved for adult conversation(not that talking to the five year olds isn't fascinating) that I pretty much have diarrhea of the mouth and talk nonstop. Well, she noticed this. Who wouldn't? And she confronted me yesterday about it. She wanted to know why I didn't talk to her, and had she done something wrong, and was I angry at her? I'm telling you, it took every ounce of self restraint I had not to reply "No. I'm not mad at you. I just don't like you."
I almost said that! I swear, sometimes I have no filter on my big mouth. I was trying so hard not to say that that I had a hard time thinking up something else to say! (a lie). I was silent for a few minutes while I gathered my thoughts. Inside my head I was thinking "Don't say what you are thinking, don't say what you are thinking, DON'T SAY WHAT YOU ARE THINKING RIGHT NOW!" Sometimes I yell at myself in my head. So I told her a partial truth. I told her I didn't talk to her because we didn't have a lot in common(she is MUCH older than I am. Like thirty years). I also told her that other people were telling me the nasty things she said about me when I wasn't there, and that I didn't like it. She denies saying any of the things I mentioned. Okey Dokey then. I guess two other people I work with are liars then, because she told them both the same things. I told her that if everyone that worked there(myself included) would just keep their mouths shut, most of these problems would be solved. And she agreed. And then a few minutes later she went and told the Milk Lady(yes, she has a name, but that's what we call her) that I was mean to her. How do I know this? The Milk Lady told another co-worker who works in another department and she told me. Sigh. But you know who I told? NO ONE(well, you guys). Because I have learned my lesson. My mouth will be shut and my ears deaf to this kind of crap from here on out. Because I'm tired of it. It is emotionally draining. And I have enough to be drained about.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday to my Dad! He's seventy-five years old today! Normally I wouldn't reveal someone's age like that, but when you have been on this planet for three quarters of a century, I figured you ought to be proud of it!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Quick post

I really don't have much to say today. I'm only posting because this month is National Blog Posting Month. No really it is. See? That means you are supposed to post to your blog every day in November. Even if you don't have anything to say. So here I am. I had a pretty uneventful day. I cleaned the house. It needed it. I took a nap. I needed it. I also completed the layout for this month's scrapbook class I have on Wednesday. I didn't put as much work into this month's page as last month's. I'll post pictures tomorrow. I keep promising pictures, and then I never come through. Sorry about that.

*On a side note, for all you tea drinkers out there, do you put your used teabags in the sink? Do you know who does? All the time? My husband. And it drives me crazy. Used teabags are trash. They belong in the trashcan. Thank you. Rant over*

Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Dolls

I bought Sophie another doll today. I know. I. Must. Stop. Buying. Dolls. If I don't there will be no room in the nursery for Sophie. Just her dolls! Here she is. I think she's pretty cute. I already have a "regular" asian cabbage patch doll. These are new. They are smaller, because they are newborns. They had the cutest regular sized asian boy doll. I had to restrain myself not to buy that one too. A girl needs boy dolls too, right? They are 50% off at Kohl's right now. I spent a wonderful day with my Dad, and Aunt and Uncle celebrating my Dad's birthday. He's 75! I have pictures but am saving them for Monday, which is his actual birthday. I'm having a great three day weekend thus far.

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Fabulous Day

Today was a fabulous day. I had the day off due to a teacher inservice. Joe and I spent the whole day together. Referrals are here and I get to stalk the websites that have posted pictures and look at those sweet faces. It was a gray, cloudy cool day. I love that kind of weather. I'm ready to pull out my sweaters. Joe was supposed to work tonight, but when he got there there had been a mix up and they sent him home so now we are spnding the evening together too. Yippee! I can't even tell you the last time we had a whole day together. It has been at least four months. I have to get off the computer now, and enjoy our remaining time together. He'll be back at work in the morning.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I work with a bunch of monkeys

Have y'all seen these commercials? They are so hilarious. I love them. Mostly because that is my life. (Except I don't work in an office. I work with children and that makes it worse.) I work with a bunch of monkeys. I'm serious. I have never met a bunch of more inept people in my life. I am alone with one of them right now. And it is only quarter to eleven. Somebody help me.

I told you having internet at work wasn't necessarily a good thing!

*Update* I will be buying this mug. Don't worry. Of course I won't take it to work. I'm not that mean. (To be honest, the people I was referring to in this post earlier wouldn't even get that it was directed at them)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Little Obsessed

I may be a little obsessed(may be?) I bought a bunch of these at the beginning of the school year for the kids to play with. They absolutely loved them, and so do I. They are just. so. cute. So I decided to buy some for Gracie for Christmas. I started out with a starter set that has six or seven pets included with it. Then I went on e-bay to see what they had. That was my first mistake. Because there are so many, and they are so cute and I cannot. stop. buying. them. Seriously. First I bought this one. Is it not adorable? Then I found this one. It's a chinchilla! How cute is that? Then there was this one, bug house and all. Of course I had to have this one too. It looks just like the horse my sister used to have. I love it. I also love the spiderweb that comes with this one. And finally, these. I am IN LOVE with these little guys! They're twins! I am sending one to Mary-Mia when they return from China. I also purchased one for myself, and Gracie too. Don't worry, I am planning on giving these to Gracie for Christmas and not keeping them for myself. (Well, most of them anyway).

P.S. Don't believe e-bay sellers when they state something is "rare" or "hard to find". I bought those pandas there for $8.00(with shipping), and then found them at Target for $4.44. Darn!