Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Posting something every day is provig to be somewhat of a challenge to me. My life is simply not that interesting. I am utterly exhausted. The kids have half days all the rest of this week, so work is CRAZY with the kids getting out at noon, and coming to me so I can feed them and entertain them for six hours until their parents come and get them. We had sixty seven kids attend today. By the time it is time for me to go home, allI want to do is crawl into bed. It doesn't help that I'm sick again(yes, again!) For those of you keeping track, that's four times in the last six weeks. There is no doubt in my mind that it is the Prednisone causing this. I am slowly tapering off and hope to be done with it by January. Enough already. I am feeling so under the weather that I missed my monthly scrapbook class. Bummer. I finished the layout and everything! Oh well, there is always next month. I'm off to have some chicken noodle soup and lay around in my pajamas.

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wzgirl said...

How can you be sick again, girl?? Are you taking your vitamins? Maybe you're just ready for Thanksgiving Break?? Hugs, you. XO