Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Heart James Taylor

I love him. I truly do. I have seen him eight times in concert and I own every one of his albums. Every single one. I can sing every word to almost all of his songs. (If you recall, I'm like an idiot savant when it comes to music lyrics). I just got his new Christmas album too. They are showing a tribute to him on cable right now. On KCET. Some great artists are performing his songs. Chicks, Bonnie Raitt, Cheryl Crow, Alison Krause, David Crosby, and many more! At the end he is going to perform. Joe is at work, so I’m sitting in my living room singing all by myself. Well, the dogs are here too, but they are not impressed with my singing.


Shovelin' Fool said...

OMG - I love JT as much as you do and I had NO idea about this tribute concert!!! I've only seen him a few times in concert though becuase I've never been able to get anyone to go with me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that man! Now I have to go program my Tivo to find and record that show if it comes on again!

Joannah said...

I love JT, too! I've also seem him in concert several times. He never fails to put on a great show. I'd like to have his new CD. Maybe Santa will bring that to me. :-)

Jonni said...

You sing your heart out Michelle! I love James Taylor too.

Ray said...

What's an "album"?



Anonymous said...

I love James Taylor too. On our honeymoon (11 years ago), Mark and I played our favorite CD of his over and over (along with our favorite John Denver CD). I love your blog template - just gorgeous!

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