Thursday, November 02, 2006

I work with a bunch of monkeys

Have y'all seen these commercials? They are so hilarious. I love them. Mostly because that is my life. (Except I don't work in an office. I work with children and that makes it worse.) I work with a bunch of monkeys. I'm serious. I have never met a bunch of more inept people in my life. I am alone with one of them right now. And it is only quarter to eleven. Somebody help me.

I told you having internet at work wasn't necessarily a good thing!

*Update* I will be buying this mug. Don't worry. Of course I won't take it to work. I'm not that mean. (To be honest, the people I was referring to in this post earlier wouldn't even get that it was directed at them)


rubyiscoming said...

Haha! I'm WITH You - I work at a university, but the faculty and the students are ALL young at heart (i.e. a bunch o' monkeys)

wzgirl said...

I LOVE those monkey commercials. They always make me laugh. Always.

Aimee said...

OMG I need one of those mugs!!!

Bint Alshamsa said...

I'm sorry for putting this comment underneath an unrelated post but I just found your blog and I wanted to drop by and leave a little comment of supporty and empathy.

My spouse and I have been hoping to adopt but since I have cancer and lupus, the obstacles are even greater than those already significant ones faced by most couples. I know that having a serious health conditions is difficult enough even if you aren't trying to accomplish anything else with your life. I admire your courage in not giving up on what you want in life. I think that people like us make even better parents because we understand the value of a love and support and compassion in ways that non-disabled people sometimes take for granted.

Anyways, I wish you all the best and I hope that very soon I'll be able to visit your blog and see your new little one in that profile picture with you and your neice.

Connie said...

Me likes the mug ;0)