Thursday, November 09, 2006

Random Things

Too tired for a regular post, so here'e a list instead:
1. I am sick. Not a lot to say about it. Finding it hard to believe that the Prednisone could make me this susceptible to illness. I'm taking a ton of vitamins/supplements. Prednisone is evil.
2. I am so tired of having to explain what happened to my foot. I know people are only being nice by asking, but I am so tired of 'splaining. I have started making things up to tell people. My favorites are
A) I injured it while playing Dance Dance Revolution. No, I didn't get a good score.
B) On the weekends I am a professional snowboarder. I injured my foot in a competition.
C) Nothing is wrong with my foot. I am wearing this boot because I need attention. At all times.
3. Only one more day of early dismissal for the kids. Good. I am tired.
4. Only two more weeks until Thanksgiving. Yikes. How did that happen?
5. Only six more weeks until Christmas. Double Yikes. I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. I love the music, the decorations, the time off, the giving of gifts, and the time spent with family. I hate that I feel lonely around that time because I miss my Mom. I also feel sad about the no kids thing. Christmas is all about the kids.
6. How many more numbers can I start with the word "only"?
7. Last night I was laying in bed talking to God(As I often do). I was telling Him about our finances right now, and how it is really tight around here since Joe won't be getting paid for this late starting class until December. (He hasn't had a full paycheck since July. July.) I was asking that He help us make it through the holidays and still have enough to pay the bills and eat. I came home from work today and got the mail like I always do. I sifted through the bills when I came across what looked to be a paycheck from one of the colleges my husband works at. And yet it couldn't be. My husband gets paid on the last day of the month. He has already been paid for this month. I open it up and inside is indeed a paycheck for one thousand dollars. In the Memo section it simply says "Bonus". Thank You, God. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.


wzgirl said...

Oh, wow. You have got so much going on right now. And, with the holidays on the horizon, all of it must just exhaust you. Take this weekend to rest-up big time. I'll bet that if you're feeling better physically, then you'll be feeling more capable of dealing with everything else. Hugs. XO

Joannah said...

Hey, this post is all about #7! God is looking out for you and Joe. He is good!