Saturday, November 25, 2006

Feeling Semi-Normal Again

Today I actually left the house! And ate real food! And it didn't make me want to throw up! Now that's something to be thankful for. That was the longest stomach bug I have ever experienced. So glad it's done with. I bet you thought I forgot about the posting every day thing. Actually, I did. I'm sitting here with my husband and we're listening to some Jazz and messing around on our computers(yeah, we have more than one. Another thing to be thankful for). I just finished decorating the house for Christmas and putting up the lights(my husband doesn't do Christmas decorations. Hey, he can't be perfect). We live in a pretty small apartment, but it took me a couple of hours to decorate. I have a lot of Christmas decorations. A lot. Most of them were my Mom's. She loved Christmas too. My Dad gave them to me when she died. So putting them up makes me think of her. You should see the outside lights. My husband thinks I am crazy with the amount of lights I manage to get onto our tiny apartment entryway. Okay, it doesn't really look like that, but it would if I had the resources. One year I actually got a letter from our apartment complex telling me I had too many decorations and would have to take some down. Bah, Humbug! I never did take them down(until after Christmas, of course), and I think they have conceded because I never got another letter. Yeah, I loves me some Christmas.


Stephanie said...

Oh, make sure you take a picture of the christmas lights, would you! Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. Your well wishes mean the world to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks me, Stephanie @

Kristin said...

Hey Michelle!
I see you found my blog!
and I see that you are DTC!!!
CONTRATULATIONS!!!! I'M SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED FOR YOU!!! can't wait to see your journey unfold...

yes, the girls have grown...pretty crazy how fast it happens!