Friday, November 24, 2006

I did manage to venture out this morning for some after Thanksgiving shopping, but I only made it to one store. Pathetic, I know. This is due partly to the fact that I still feel rotten. Enough with this flu already. The good part of that is I haven't been able to eat hardly anything, so at least I won't have the extra five Thanksgiving pounds to get rid of. Here are some highlights of my shopping experience:

--My goal was to go to Kohl's first, since it is just down the block from my house. They opened at five, but I figured if I got there at five thirty or so it wouldn't be too busy. Ummmmmm....NOT! I arrived there at five forty and the place was a zoo! Luckily I was able to get a good parking spot, as someone was leaving right when I pulled in. Score!
--Of course there were no shopping carts to be had(or bags, even). I figured this was a good thing. At least now I couldn't buy more than I could carry.
--Due to the lack of carts, people were actually walking all the way down to the grocery store in the same center and bringing those carts into the store. Hello people, those aisles aren't big enough for those carts!
--Said people's carts were FULL. I mean, like overflowing, top and bottom. Who needs to buy that many presents? I think I have too many people to buy for, and I don't think I could fill one of those carts with every present on my list!
--Also, what's with people buying ten (I counted)of the same gift? Are you seriously planning on giving a George Foreman grill to every person on your list?
--People that get up that early to go shopping are serious. Get out of their way.
--There was so much to look at and so many people that I became overwhelmed and just started wandering around aimlessly. I figured then it was time to go.
--I was dreading the line to check out which was wrapped half way around the store, but it actually wasn't that bad. Kohl's did a great job of moving things along and I was out of there in about ten minutes. Go Kohl's!
--The one item that I really wanted was sold out already. After only forty minutes. Bummer.
--The number one thing I learned from my shopping experience? I'm not cut out for this kind of shopping. I will continue to do my Christmas shopping in early September or online.


Shovelin' Fool said...

You are way braver han me, sister. I only left the house at 7pm! And, I only went to ne store - and that was for something for MYSELF! lol!!! Yeah, I think it's best to leave Black Friday to the Kamikaze shoppers... :)

Julie said...

I'm with ya! I avoid all that stuff! I need to go to Archivers for ribbon today and I am kind of dreading it!

Shelli said...

I did the day after Thanksgiving shopping one time. Never again! I'm not cut out for it either.

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Wow, you are good - planning to do the Christmas shopping in Sept! I'm one of those last minute panic shoppers. FedEx LOVES me for all the extra rush charges I pay. :-)

The girls are down for the night and I finally have a minute on my poor neglected computer.