Monday, November 27, 2006

LID Blues

Dudes, we have been DTC for a month and three weeks. Shouldn't we have our LID by now? I'm becoming impatient. Joe is going to call the agency tomorrow and see if they know anything yet. Sigh. Other than that, a great day. We're finally seeing some Fall weather around here. It's about time! I love the cooler weather. I even love the rain(as long as it doesn't last more than a couple of days). *To the people I work with: FYI: sixty-three degree weather does not constitute a reason to keep sixty -five children cooped up inside all day. Wear a jacket to work and give me a break. Please!*


Connie said... should be soon. I think some have waited 8-10 weeks to hear but haven't heard much beyond that in the US anyhoo.

Thinking of ya.

Joannah said...

Yes, it was fall-ish today. For some dumb reason we kept all our kids in at recess and lunch times, even though it had not rained in HOURS. Let them out, PLEASE!!!

Shovelin' Fool said...

I had no idea that people have waited 8-10 weeks for their LID's before!!! I'm still waiting to be DTC, and I should hear something this week... I hope!!!