Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sophie's stuff

We have been doing a lot of work on Sophie's room lately. It took Joe a whole week to clear out all of the junk that was in our extra bedroom. There are still a few things that need to be moved, like my husband's guitars hanging on the walls. "But honey, can't we keep the guitars in there?" my husband asks. Uhhh...No. Silly man. They simply don't go with the garden decor. And so they must go. Don't worry. I'm letting him hang them in our bedroom. I'm not that mean. after cleaning it out, I got in there and moved furniture around and organized some of the stuff we have already. We actually have quite a bit of stuff for Sophie. Here are some pictures of the room so far. It needs a fresh coat of paint(lavender and mint green!), and a carpet cleaning, but it has come a long way. I wish I could find the "before" picture, but I can't. You'll just have to imagine the room filled with junk! :)
The first picture is the reading corner I set up with the chair we had in our living room. It isn't terribly comfortable and I would like to get a glider someday, when we can afford it.
The second pic is of a toy shelf I got from work. It used to be an old dollhouse that the kids never played with. I gave it a coat of purple paint and decoupaged scrapbook paper on the shelves. The third picture is a dresser I painted that we had in our entryway. I stenciled the roses on it and added the pickets on the back. I'm not happy with the handles, so I'll have to figure out something else. The last two pictures are the "canopy" that will go over the crib. My husband fell in love with these when we saw them at Ikea and since the room will have a garden theme, I went along with it. The very last picture was taken while I was laying on the floor, so that's what Sophie will see when she is laying in her crib and looking up. I think it's pretty neat.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sometimes I can be too nice

I am tired. Today was an exhausting day. It rained in the morning so we had to keep the kids inside. Then it cleared up and we were able to go out, but the kids were hyper. And it was cold. I know, I know, fifty one degrees is not cold for most people. But for us it is cold. We don't dress for the cold. I had on a thin long sleeved T-shirt and a jacket. Some of the kids wouldn't wear a sweatshirt at all. Why is it when I ask a five year old to put on a sweatshirt they act like it is torture? Anyway, after a long day at work I headed to my appointment with the psychiatrist. I arrived there at four. My appointment was at four-fifteen. He was running a half an hour behind, as usual. Normally it would bother me if a doctor was continually late, but he is so wonderful and he always spends extra time if I need it, so I don't mind. Anyway, I was sitting in the waiting room when a man came in and went up to the receptionist. When she informed him that the doctor was running late, he became very upset, saying that his wife was meeting him there and she would NOT be happy, and furthermore he had to be somewhere at five-thirty and he would never make it if he didn't get in on time. The receptionist told him she was sorry and that he could reschedule if necessary. He didn't want to do that. His wife walked in a few minutes later, and she was fuming mad(he had called her on his cell phone and told her they might have to reschedule). She argued with the receptionist for a few minutes, saying how busy she was, and how hard it was for her to get off work early to come to the appointment, blah, blah, blah. Again the receptionist apologized, but told her there was nothing she could do. The woman asks her husband to step outside with her, which he does. They then proceeded to have a huge fight right outside the door. He wanted to reschedule, she didn't. The came back inside a few minutes later(it was cold out there) and continued their argument. The doctor comes out to get me and I tell the couple, you go ahead. I know you are in a hurry and I have plenty of time. They thanked me profusely and went into his office. I continued to sit by the fake fireplace/heater they have, and read a magazine. I was the only one in the waiting room and it was quite peaceful. Until the door opened and a woman with a toddler walks in. A cute little blonde haired boy, about two years old. Maybe slightly younger. Now let me just say that I have a nephew, and he has always been what we call an "active" child. You know, always on the go, getting into things. Well let me tell you, this kid was like my nephew on crack. Seriously. He was running around the room taking all of the magazines off of the shelves, pulling the tissue out of the box one by one, holding down the spigot on the water cooler until the overflow chamber was, well, overflowing, spilling water all over the carpet. Every time his Mom tried to stop him from doing one of the above things(by saying in a sing song voice "Uh-Oh, we better not doooooo that!") he would SCREAM. A bloodcurdling, high pitched scream. It was lovely. This went on for a half an hour, and the fighting couple was still in with the doctor. I was getting tired and this child was giving me a serious headache. At one point she said to him "Pleeeeeeeease sit down and read a story with Mommy?" Uh, not. He proceeded to mess with the C.D. player, and then moved on to smashing the vertical blinds against the window. Loudly. That mother must have had the patience of a Saint, because she sat next to him reading a magazine! It had been forty minutes at this point and I had to get out of there. I told the woman she was welcome to go next and I was going to the bathroom. Actually I went for a walk around the parking lot. That child was giving me serious anxiety. She gratefully accepted my offer and I quickly left. When I came back they were still in the waiting room! Fifty five minutes later! I was about to reschedule my own appointment when the doctor came out to get me and I told him once again that I was letting someone go ahead of me.
That woman was in there for twenty minutes and that child escaped from the office three times. Actually escaped and came running out into the waiting room, screaming like a banshee! Finally, finally they came out and it was my turn. I was in there for my normal fifteen minutes, and headed home exhausted, arriving home at six o'clock. Sheesh, sometimes I can just be too nice. All is well now. My belly is full of chili and I am off to take a hot bath. I'm tired and will be going to bed early tonight.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Easy Meals

I don't like to cook. It's not that I can't cook. Whenever I do cook, it always comes out very good. But I don't enjoy cooking. I'm tired when I get home and the last thing I want to do is slave over a hot stove :) So I've been looking for some easy dinner ideas. I got these recipes from two of my co-workers. I tried them out last week, and I can tell you they are yumm-ee! I thought I'd share them with you. So here they are:

Baked Spaghetti

3/4 of a pound of spaghetti. I used wheat spaghetti. Almost a one pound package.
1 Can cream of Mushroom soup
Milk(to prepare soup)
1 Can petite diced tomatoes
1 Can sliced olives
1 Onion
1 Bell Pepper
1 pound ground beef(we don't eat beef at my house, so I substituted ground turkey)
Italian Seasoning
Cheese-Mozzarella, Parmesan, and mild cheddar-grated. I buy mine already grated because I am that lazy.

Cook Spaghetti according to package directions
While spaghetti is cooking, saute Onion and Bell pepper in large skillet. Add Ground beef(or turkey), and brown. Add Italian seasonings to meat. When meat is browned, add can of tomatoes(drained) and stir.

In 9 X 13 inch pan, layer spaghetti, meat, cheese, and olives.
Repeat layers two more times.
In a bowl whisk cream of mushroom soup and 1 Can milk until blended. Pour evenly over spaghetti mixture.
Top with more cheese and remaining olives.
Bake in 375 degree oven for fifteen to twenty minutes, or until cheese bubbles.
Serve with salad and garlic bread.

Dump Chili

My co-worker calls this "dump chili" because you literally just dump everything into a crock pot or large stock pot. It is so easy and sooooooo good! Perfect for a cold winter night.
Beware: This recipe makes a ton of chili!

2 cans pinto beans
1 can kidney beans
1 can black beans
1 can white beans
1 can of your favorite canned chili(I used turkey chili)
1 large jar of your favorite salsa. I used Pace.
1 pound ground beef(I used turkey)
1 Onion
1 clove garlic
1 Kielbasa

Chop onion and garlic and saute. Add ground beef and cook until browned. Dump into crock pot or large stock pot on stove. If I am making it ahead of time, I use the Crock pot and let it simmer for several hours. If I am in a hurry I do it on the stove and only let it simmer an hour. Both ways turn out fine.

Cut Kielbasa into small pieces and add to meat mixture in pot

Drain all beans except Pinto. Pour into pot
Dump Pinto beans into pot, juice and all
Add jar of salsa

Stir ingredients until they are mixed well
Simmer in crock pot for three hours, stirring occasionally
or for 45 min- 1 hour on stove at medium heat, stirring occasionally

Garnish with sour cream, chopped onions, and grated cheddar cheese.
Also good with tortilla chips broken over the top
I always serve mine with cornbread.

I just made both of these dishes in less than forty five minutes, and now dinner is done for tonight and tomorrow. Plus, we'll have leftovers for days. Sometimes I'll serve the chili the next night over baked potatoes. Yum! I love easy! Pictures to come.

Oh, and that ticker at the top finally changed. We have been logged in for four months! Woo Hoo! I can honestly say that they flew by. Hopefully the next bazillion will too :)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Yeah, today I had a lazy Sunday to go with my lazt Saturday yesterday. I was so busy last weekend when my sister was here that I think I needed a weekend to decompress. I barely left the house today. I did venture out to Kohl's for a little while, and spent an hour perusing the sale rack. Gotta love seventy percent off! I got some pants for seven dollars and twenty cents. Yay me. I do hate it though when you come across something you previously bought at full price that is now on the clearance rack. Bummer. Anyway, hubby and I are now watching the Oscar's. I love Ellen. She is hilarious. My plan is to get to bed early so I'm ready to start my work week. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Oh, and what's up with that ticker at the top of my page saying three months, four weeks and two days? Doesn't that equal four months? I want it say four months!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Today has been kind of a lazy day. I went to lunch with some friends this morning(previously known as my infertility group. I can't call them that anymore because one of them has a seven month old baby and the other is seven months pregnant.) We had a wonderful time, and then spent some time window shopping. Last night I went out with some friends from work, and we ended up doing some window shopping then too. I didn't buy anything. Trying to stick to that budget. Anyway, many of the stores we wandered into were clearance stores like "Off Fifth Avenue" and the "Nordstrom Rack". They sell designer clothes and shoes at what is supposed to be a huge discount. What this means is that you can get a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes that originally cost $595.00 for $300.00. You can also get a Donna Karen t-shirt that originally cost $395.00 for around $200. Or you may find a Gucci handbag that cost $1990.00 for $1200. These are great discounts, I'll admit it. And I'm not judging you if you are into any of these things. But I simply don't have the money to make purchases like these. Also, I wasn't born with the name brand bug. I could care less that I have fake Ugg boots. The last pair of shoes I bought was at Walmart for nine dollars. I have also been known to buy my shoes at Payless. I practically live at Target. Some of the women I work with love designer bags. They won't have anything else. And it seems like it turns into some kind of obsession because they must have the newest bag that is out at the time. They change purses like I change my underwear. It is completely foreign to me. Whenever they start talking about the lastest designer bag on the market, my eyes glaze over and I usually get up and find something to do. It just isn't me. It's not that I don't have things that I do like. I simply adore anything from here. And I lover her as well. But I can honestly say I have never made a purchase from either of these vendors that was over a hundred dollars. Sometimes I hear about someone purchasing a five hundred dollar handbag and I find myself thinking "Do you know how many hungry people you could feed?". Or I have friends that are remodeling their bathroom and it is costing twenty thousand dollars and I am thinking "If I had that much money I give some of it to Love Without Boundaries. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I am a better person than someone else. I am simply saying my priorities have changed in the last few years. I don't have a big house. We live in an apartment. I don't drive a fancy car. I don't own any Tiffany jewelry. And it's O.K. All I need is my wonderful husband, my sweet doggies(and kitty), and my daughter(someday), living in our cozy two bedroom apartment. Who could ask for more?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I just returned home a short while ago from the Gynecologist for my
annual exam. Yes, I did schedule a dentist appointment and a Pap smear
two days in a row. I think I may secretly be a sadist. I hate going to
the gynecologist. Hate. It. I don't hate the doctor himself. He is very
nice. No, I just hate the whole experience. Sitting in the waiting room
with all of those pregnant women is a drag. It just is. If you haven't
experienced the pain of infertility, please don't comment on it because
you do not understand it. The visit itself was fine. We talked about
the possibility of having a hysterectomy. He feels I need more time to
think about it. The good news is that if(when) I do decide to go ahead
with it, it can be done through a laparoscopy instead of having the full C-section cut. This was a huge relief. It would be similar to the three previous surgeries I have had, and the recovery would be four weeks. We have decided to try an alternative therapy before having
the hysterectomy. Today I received an injection of Depo Provera . It is
a contraceptive that halts your period completely. The goal is that if
I don't have a period, I won't have any pain. I don't think it will
work. I know this is negative thinking. I can't help it. When you have
been through as much pain as I have and tried so many things and they
have all failed, your faith that anything will work is seriously
shaken. I am going to give it three months. If it doesn't work, we will
schedule the hysterectomy as soon as possible. Of course, because
nothing is ever easy for me, my insurance didn't cover the cost of the
injection. Contraceptives are not covered under my insurance plan
because I work for a Catholic institution. Even though it is not being
prescribed for contraceptive purposes, I still had to pay $65.00 for
it. Now I have to fight my insurance company to reimburse me. I'm not
even sure it's worth it. And I don't have the energy right now. At least
I waited until I got to the car to before I burst into tears. I'm fine
now. I think I just needed to get it out. And hey, tomorrow's Friday.
That's something to be thankful for!

Oh, and just for added fun I get to have a bone density test because Depo Provera can cause bone loss. I am already at a higher risk because of the six month course of Prednisone I just came off of. Yippee.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This week is flying by. I have noticed that I tend to post more when I am down than when I am up. I am feeling so much better this week. The pain is gone(for the next ten days or so) and I seem to have snapped out of the depressive episode I was in a couple of weeks ago. I attribute this to both the change in medication, and the daily walks I have been taking on my lunch break. Physical exercise making someone feel better? Who knew? Maybe those doctors really do know what they're talking about! :) I have been walking for a half an hour, four times a week. In thirty minutes I am able to walk almost two miles. I have no idea if that is good or not, but I do know that it is making me feel better. I am still holding out at eleven pounds lost, but I haven't really been watching what I eat either. Today I went to the dentist. I had my teeth cleaned(LONG overdue), and three cavities filled. No root canal for me. Yay! The hygenist was amazed at how healthy my gums were, given how long it has been since my last cleaning(don't even ask me how long it was). I think her exact words were "That's unbelievable!" She said both my teeth and gums are in excellent shape(aside from the cavities). I can't tell you how relieved I was. I don't have the best luck, as far as medical problems go, so it makes me very happy that my teeth are good. At least one part of me isn't messed up! Tomorrow is Thursday already. I love short weeks.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Scrapbook Expo pics

Alright, everybody who commented wants to see the projects we made at the Scrapbook Expo, so here they are. Some are in a slideshow and some are just posted. We had so much fun. Can't wait till next year! Here's the slideshow:

And the pics:
Embellished page 1

Embellished page 2

Girl 2 page layout

Girl layout right

Girl layout left

Uhhh...Please ignore the titles that say "left" or "right". I just noticed that they are completely opposite of what they should be. Left is actually right and right is, well you get the picture. I don't know how to explain this except to say I am extremely tired. I do actually know my left from my right(I really do).

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Put a Fork in me. I'm done.

That's how I felt today during our last class at the Scrapbook Expo
today. I didn't get to bed until eleven thirty last night and woke up
at five and couldn't go back to sleep. Ugh. I was tired, but excited
about the day's activities. Lisa came down for the weekend to join me
in a fun filled day of scrapbook classes. Our first class was at nine
o'clock, so we had to be there bright and early. The title of the class
was Shabby Chic Girls, and I knew I was going to love it(which I did).
We made an adorable accordion album that fits inside a box that we
decorated with pink floral paper and ribbons. It turned out beautiful.
I have put it in Sophie's room with the other scrapbooks I have started
for her and can't wait until I can put pictures in it. We had a bit of
a gap between classes(two hours), so we shopped a little and had lunch.
It was hot today. I had worn a sweater(it is still winter, right?) and
a pair of jeans and I was positively sweltering. Thank goodness the
buildings were air conditioned. The second class didn't have a theme,
but we completed four pages that were very pretty, with lots of
ribbons, and tags, and embellishments. We had another two hour gap until our next class, so we decided to go outside and lay on the grass in the shade. I was exhausted at this point. So exhausted, in fact, that when some nice lady came up to us and oferred us tickets to that night's crop(a forty-five dollar value!), we politely turned
her down. There was no way I was going to be able to stay there and
crop for another four hours, until ten thirty that night! After a nice little rest we were off to our last class of the day. I was a little disappointed in this class, as it was very basic, but I was so tired by then I could hardly see straight so maybe that was a good thing. Finally, after eight hours and many beautiful
projects later, we headed home. I walked in the door and collapsed on
the couch, and that's where I have been ever since. Until now, when I
am getting off of the couch to head to bed. I know it's early, but like
I said, I'm tired.
Lisa has all the pics, so I'm not sure if I'll get them up here or if
I'll have to wait until she gets home and puts them up on her site.
Good night.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

We're anti-social people, Okay?

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day/Anniversary. It included flowers, and champagne, and chocolate(from the kids),and a lovely little trinket from my husband, which surprised me because we were not going to get each other presents this year. Like many of the five year olds I work with, he has a hard time listening and following directions! But it was a nice surprise. So the plan yesterday was to go to an early movie, and then out to dinner. By two o'clock I'm on the phone telling Joe I'm too tired for a movie, how about just dinner? He says okay. By the time I got home at four, both of us were thinking, yeah, it would be nice to go out, but there will be all of these people there. Nah, let's just order in. This is exactly what has happened every year for the last four years. Getting married on Valentine's Day was nice, but everbody in the world going out to dinner on your anniversary? Not so nice. So we stayed home. And were perfectly happy. Maybe we'll go out next year.

*We ended up going out tonight instead, and they brought us a little cake with a candle in it, so we got to celebrate for two nights. Score!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary. Fourteen years ago today I married my best friend.
I think E.E. Cummings said it best
i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)
I made this slideshow as a surprise for my husband. It chronicles the last eighteen years we have spent together.
Joe, I love you with all of my heart.
You are my "One Safe Place"

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pink is a Good color for Valentine's Day, right?

I color my own hair(I'm sure you can see where this is going). I simply can't afford to pay eighty-five dollars every six weeks to have it done, and if I don't do it, then the gray in my hair shows. I can't have gray hair. Not at thirty six! So I color it myself. Usually I color it blonde, but a few shades lighter than my natural color. The only problem is I am outside so much that the sun lightens it very quickly and I end up looking like a Bleach blonde. Yuck. So I decided I wanted to go a little darker. The results were good. At first. After a couple months of darker blonde, I decided I wanted red hair. Yes, red. Like a light strwaberry blonde. So I bought the color I thought would look good and I colored it last night. Most of the people I work with noticed, and a few parents. Finally, my boss walks into the room and says "You look good with a little pink in your hair". What? Pink? I rush into the bathroom to look at my hair and realize she is right. Under the lights we have at work it looks pink! Great. My husband swears it is not pink. I'm still not sure. Here is a picture of it. Sorry the lighting is so bad. It might be hard to see the actual color with that lighting. I'm going to give it a couple of days and see if it calms down a little and if not, re-color.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Look What Came in the Mail

My new Vera Bradley purse! It was a birthday present from my Seester(Sorry. I can't stop calling her that since she came back from Mexico) last month, but I couldn't find one that I liked at the time. I finally got around to looking at them online and fell in love with this one. I love the colors. They are so bright and cheery. I could use me some bright and cheery right now. Thanks Lisa! I am still not posting anything depressing. Although I am still in a lot of pain. I missed Bunco because of it. Sigh. I'm bummed. But I really don't feel great. Five more days until the pain goes away.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Yeah, I know it isn't spring yet, but that's only way to describe the type of cleaning we've been doing around here this weekend. Why is it that to clean out one room you have to make a toal mess of another? We took all of the miscellaneous junk out of Sophie's room that has been sitting ther practically since we moved in five years ago. All of it. After throwing most of it away, guess where the rest of it is until we can sort through it? Yes, in my living room. My teeny tiny living room. I was going to post a picture, but it is so messy I'm too embarrassed. It is bad. So today we sort through it, and decide what stays and what goes, and more importantly, where to put it all. Should be a very productive day!

Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm going to try not to post any more depressing stuff. I know it's not good to dwell on the negative. It is so hard when I am in pain. So very hard. On a more positive note, I have been doing well on my diet. I am down eleven pounds. Just this week I started walking on my lunch break. I think it will help with the depression. Time will tell. I was surfing the internet last night(instead of sleeping) and I came across this watch. Isn't it cute? Of course I didn't buy it. But it is very cute. I'm off to have lunch with my Dad. Maybe that will cheer me up. Then I have to spend the rest of the weekend cleaning my house. Ugh. But I feel so muhc better after it's done.
I'm still in a lot of pain. Seven more days until the pain goes away. Seven days. How is it even possible that a period could cause pain that lasted for eleven days? And yet it has always been so for me. The forecast calls for rain all weekend. I am actually happy about that. It suits my mood lately. All I feel like doing is laying around in my sweatpants with a heating pad on my abdomen anyway. At least if it's raining I won't feel like I'm missing being outside. Joe and I had a fight last night. A huge, ugly fight. Those are rare for us. It was about money(lack thereof) and finances, of course. There is so much stress on our relationship right now. I know it will get better and I know we will make it through this. It just feels so bleak right now.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm in a lot of pain. It tends to cloud my outlook a little bit. Thus the previous post. I made the appoinment with my GYN today to set a date for my hysterectomy. If all goes well, I should be able to have it done in 6-8 weeks. Even though we have talked about this, and planned for it, and mentally prepared for it, I still feel sad. I don't know why. I can't become pregnant. I know that. Yet it feels like letting go of that last ray of hope that someday. It feel so final. But I can't live with this pain anymore. I just can't. When I was taking the Prednisone I was completely pain free. For six whole months. Sure, it had some other nasty side efects, but a I was pain free. For the first time in my life. For the first time in twenty three years of having a mestrual cycle. And now that I know what it's like to live a pain free life, I can't go back. I can't go back to the heating pad, and the hot baths every day(like today), and popping pain pills like they are candy. I can't do it. The pain is unbearable. At times, excruciating. And I live with it in silence. I can't tell anyone. Last year's surgery was supposed to be the answer to my prayers. It was my third one. The third time is supposed to be a charm, right? Apparently not for me. They didn't get any nerve tissue. None. I was too messed up inside for them to get a good enough view. Tumors, organs stuck together, my ovaries stuck to my plevis, one of my tubes completely wrapped around one ovary several times, ugly black endometriosis all over. I have pictures. It's not pretty. So we go to the last resort. Take it all out. All of it. My body has failed me. First with the endometriosis, and then with the kidney disease. Both of these are auto-immune diseases. My body is attacking itself. Doctors don't know why. There is no cure. Ugh, this is depressing. I'll be better tomorrow. I hope.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Spinning my Wheels

Sometimes I feel like I'm riding a bike up a very steep hill. I pedal and pedal, but I never seem to get anywhere. The more I pedal, the higher the hill becomes. That's how things have been going around here. Things just keep piling up, one after the other. I am overwhelmed. Stressed out. Sometimes barely functioning. I get up, and go to work, and pretend like everything is O.K. But then I go into the bathroom and cry, or wait until my lunch break. Then I go back to work and pretend like everything is O.K again. It is draining. Today we found out when our court date is for the company that is suing us. It is going to cost us six hundred dollars just to go to court. Today I also went to the dentist. I have two tiny little cavities and one big huge one that borders on a root canal. The part my insurance won't pay is three hundred dollars. That's if I don't end up needing a root canal. Please God, don't let me need a root canal. This dentist does not accept payments and we simply cannot afford it right now. Joe had pretty much the whole month of December off, and he only got paid from one of the schools he works at. I know what you're thinking. Didn't we just get back from a weekend in the mountains? Yes we did. And spent money we shouldn't have. I can't justify it, except that it was my birthday and anniversary present, and it has been five years since we took a vacation, just the two of us. (At the time, we also thought we could settle this debt problem out of court). It was needed. I don't know what kind of mental state I would be in now if I didn't have that one fabulous weekend to remember. Not that I'm in any great mental state right now. I don't know where the money for these extra expenses is going to come from. I really don't. All I can do is pray(and pray) that everything works out. Don't get me wrong, we are now adhering to a strict budget and doing everything we can to make it work, but when the money isn't there, it isn't there. The bike has got to start moving up that mountain soon. I'm not sure how much longer I can pedal.

Monday, February 05, 2007

I am working on a clever, funny, enlightening post. No really, I am. But right now I got nothin'. Same old, same old. I think I drained every creative juice in my body finishing up the 40 wishes for the quilt square swap(say that five times fast) that I joined. And I still have a few individual swaps to send out! Hopefully I will get some inspiration to do those later in the week. Today was pretty good, for a Monday. Is it bad that I am counting down the days until President's Day? Seriously, I am living for the weekends right now. Tell me I'm not the only one.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Super What?

I'm not a big football fan. Not even the Superbowl. I didn't even know who was playing before today. I probably heard it various times on the radio or news, but I didn't really pay much attention. (Go ahead and hate me if you want). We do watch the Superbowl. It just doesn't interest me that much. I'll usually do something else while we're watching, like work on my scrapbook or like today, cut out quilt squares. It has become somewhat of a tradition for Joe and I to stay home and watch it by ourselves. We have been invited to Superbowl parties in the past, but Joe says having too many people around talking wrecks the game for him(and he is a little bit anti-social too). Anyway, we watch the game at home, and I make as much junk food as is humanly possible and we stuff ourselves with it(good thing I lost weight this week). So here's the line up for today's game:
Cheesy Bean Dip w/tortilla chips
Parmesan Artichoke dip w/ sourdough bread
Potato chips and ranch dip
And in case we get hungry later, mini pizzas.

Pepto Bismol anyone?

Oh, and I finally got my computer back(after four months in the shop). So I am typing this on my very own computer, not my husband's. Yesssss......

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ho Hum

Nothing new here. Still freaking out over the fact that I am going to be unemployed in four and a half months. Joe tells me I shouldn't worry, and maybe this is a blessing in disguise. He thinks I need a break from my job anyway. Which is true. But dude, I'm not going to get paid. For ten weeks! I will be eligible for unemployment, but I just don't know if I can do that. How can I sit home and collect a check from the government when I am perfectly able to work? I have never been on unemployment before. I have never been unemployed before! I am going to try and take Joe's advice and not worry about it right now. One of the positive aspects of me freaking out is that I have taken some of that nervous energy and completed the wishes that I need to send out for my quilt swap. I made forty of them! They turned out very cute. I won't post a picture until later because I don't want to spoil the surprise for those who are expecting one. It is officially almost Friday. Woo hoo!