Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Yeah, today I had a lazy Sunday to go with my lazt Saturday yesterday. I was so busy last weekend when my sister was here that I think I needed a weekend to decompress. I barely left the house today. I did venture out to Kohl's for a little while, and spent an hour perusing the sale rack. Gotta love seventy percent off! I got some pants for seven dollars and twenty cents. Yay me. I do hate it though when you come across something you previously bought at full price that is now on the clearance rack. Bummer. Anyway, hubby and I are now watching the Oscar's. I love Ellen. She is hilarious. My plan is to get to bed early so I'm ready to start my work week. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Oh, and what's up with that ticker at the top of my page saying three months, four weeks and two days? Doesn't that equal four months? I want it say four months!

1 comment:

Dannye said...

the ticker will say "4 months" tomorrow, it is pretty annoying going over the 4 weeks period...