Thursday, February 15, 2007

We're anti-social people, Okay?

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day/Anniversary. It included flowers, and champagne, and chocolate(from the kids),and a lovely little trinket from my husband, which surprised me because we were not going to get each other presents this year. Like many of the five year olds I work with, he has a hard time listening and following directions! But it was a nice surprise. So the plan yesterday was to go to an early movie, and then out to dinner. By two o'clock I'm on the phone telling Joe I'm too tired for a movie, how about just dinner? He says okay. By the time I got home at four, both of us were thinking, yeah, it would be nice to go out, but there will be all of these people there. Nah, let's just order in. This is exactly what has happened every year for the last four years. Getting married on Valentine's Day was nice, but everbody in the world going out to dinner on your anniversary? Not so nice. So we stayed home. And were perfectly happy. Maybe we'll go out next year.

*We ended up going out tonight instead, and they brought us a little cake with a candle in it, so we got to celebrate for two nights. Score!


C.J. said...

I think staying in on V-Day is the way to go!

Kathy and Joel said...

As a felow (rabid) introvert...I commend your decision to stay in on V-Day. My friend once emailed me a whole article on interversion and it completely opened my mind and freed me from the shame I felt about being what I thought was anti-social.
We introverts tend to have our energies stripped when we are around a lot of people and we need a lot of 'down time' in order to recharge.
Feel free to be you!! :)

Shelley said...

Happy Anniversary Michelle and Joe!

Sounds like it all worked out great.