Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Things Annoying Me Right Now

My back. The back injury that I sustained 7 months ago is still not healed and it’s causing me pain almost every single day. I did something to aggravate it over Thanksgiving (riding bikes with the kids? Playing dodge ball? Throwing a football? Sleeping on an air mattress? Who knows)? I have been lying flat on my back almost every day when I get home from work and it’s getting old. Plus I have had to go back to wearing my brace again during the day and it is a pain.

Our radio station at work that started playing Christmas music a full week before Thanksgiving. A week! Before! Thanksgiving! We couldn’t handle it so we switched over to a Jazz station. Now I usually enjoy Jazz but for some reason listening to it 8 hours a day drives me insane. If our usual radio station was normal and waited until a reasonable time before Christmas to switch over to all-Christmas-all-the-time, then we wouldn’t have to listen to the Jazz station all day.

The new tire on our car that was flat during our trip over Thanksgiving. Joe took it back and they supposedly fixed it. Well this morning when we got in the car to go to work the tire was completely flat again. We took it to the gas station to fill it up until we could return it (yet again), but it wouldn’t hold any air. So we had to change the tire back to the spare (again) and I was late for work. They better fix it right this time or I’m going to lose it.

My husband not having a job. I. Am. So. Over it.

The new FB profile page. It’s my fault, because I chose to upgrade before FB forced me to, but I really don’t like it. Probably because I just don’t like change.

My dog. She has decided that she doesn’t like walking on wet (cold) grass to do her business, so she has been using our patio instead. When we lived downstairs I could just get the hose and wash if off but now that we live upstairs I have to clean it up with paper towels and a bowl of soapy water, all the while being careful not to let the water drip down onto our downstairs neighbor’s patio. It is gross.

What’s annoying you today?

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Cora said...

I could give you a list today :)
Hope your back heals soon that kind of pain is the worst, you can't do anything.