Sunday, May 02, 2010


My good friend Kayce over at "Our Boy and his Cricket" nominated me for the "Sweet Friend" award a few days ago. I'm only just getting around to posting about it.  This is special to me, coming from her because she is one of the sweetest friends that I have.  What started out as an online friendship has blossomed into an "in real life" friendship and I am so blessed to have her in my life.  You rock Kayce!  I'm still working on getting up  your way to meet little cricket.

As part of the award I'm supposed to name 10 things that make me happy.  Well that shouldn't be too hard!

Of course first and foremost is my husband. He makes me smile every single day.  He is one of the kindest people I know. I am so very lucky to have him.


I guess it's easy to say I like rain because we don't have it very often, but I simply love when it rains.  Most people like to stay inside and stay warm and cozy while it's raining.  I like to do that too, but I really love to go out walking in it.  Walking in the rain is one of our favorite things to do in the winter.  We had a wetter than usual winter this year where I live so we had the opportunity to enjoy it a lot.

Crafting.  I love to make things with my hands.  Whether it be cards, or wall hangings, banners, or jewelry, being creative makes me feel calm.  I haven't been doing much of it lately with all of the stress we've been dealing with.  I need to start up again.  It is good for my soul.

Big Sur.

Anything that has to do with nature makes me happy, whether it be camping out under the stars or a quick hike through a local canyon, but this place in particular makes me feel more at peace than any other place  on earth. For the first time in ten years we won't be making  our annual pilgrimage there.  I am beyond sad about it.

Walking.  Since I started walking 2 months ago to get into shape, I have felt a peacefulness come over me.  Aside from the physical benefits I am reaping, it gives me time out of my day to de-stress and unwind.  Many a problem has been worked out on one of my 4 mile walks.  I have leveled out to walking 3-4 times per week, 4 miles a day.  I'm about to take it to a whole new level, so stayed tuned for that.

These 2 monkeys.  Whenever we are together they are always doing something that makes us laugh.  I haven't seen them since Christmas.  I miss them.

Blogging.  I have been blogging for 5 years this July.  I am amazed at the support and friendships I have  gained through this blog over the years.  

This Steam Cleaner makes me happy.  We have a dog who never quite mastered the art of potty training, and this thing has come in handy countless times. It grosses me out how dirty the water is that I empty out of it after cleaning our carpets.  Ewww.  But I love how clean the carpets look and  feel after. 

I can't live without it.   I know that seems like a strange thing to make someone happy, but it does.  I have always had extremely dry skin.  Well something happened after my hysterectomy that turned my skin into lizard skin. Seriously.  Lizard.  Skin.   It is so gross.  And itchy.  I have stockpiled lotion in every part of our apartment, as well as my purse, car and desk at work.  I simply cannot be without it.  I have even been know to stop and buy some when we are out and I realize I have forgotten mine at home.  I was able to pick these up in a 2 minute walk from our living room to our bathroom.  Perhaps the lotion is more of an obsession than something that makes me happy?  :)

Lastly, these rice crackers.  I am addicted to them.  In fact, Joe is out right now getting some for me.  Mmmmmmmm.................!

Now I must nominate some of my sweet friends.  I had  a hard time choosing only a few, because there are so many of you in blog land that I consider my friends, but here goes:

K, at Spectacular S-  K is another blogger that I have "known" online for years, but haven't had the pleasure of meeting in person.  Something is in the works to remedy that right now. :)  I have learned so much from K about attachment and parenting and I love visiting her blog to get my fix of her sweet daughter "S".

Rhonda at Our Journey to Little Maple-  Rhonda has been such a pillar of support for me over the last year.  She has talked me down off the ledge more than once in the last few months.  Thanks Rhonda!  We are both waiting impatiently for our little ones from China.  One day we will introduce our daughters to one another.  I don't know when.  But one day.

JourneyWoman- another blogger in the line to adopt, I have had the pleasure of meeting her in real life. Oh how I wish we lived closer to each other.  Her writing often moves me to tears and at times I feel like she has taken  the words directly from my head and put them on paper.

Shanny, over at Bless Your Heart- Shannon is one of the funniest, sweetest people I "know".  Her blog posts always keep me in stitches. 

DeAnn, at Displaced Southerner.  My partner in crime at my job. The stories we could tell.  But we won't.  Because if we did we'd have to kill you.  :)


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

what a lovely post. Maybe I should start walking! Do u have a program you are following?


Shannon said...

You are so sweet! I'll have to come up with a good list. Thanks! xo

Rhonda said...

I'll talk you off a ledge anyday. :)

Thanks for the nomination! Yes, one day we'll definitely have to introduce our imaginary children to one another... ;)

Kayce said...

Big Sur. Rain. Blogging. Walking. LOVE them all as well! SO we seriously need to plan a Big Sur trip...even if it's next year! :)
Love you tons my sweeeeeeet friend!!