Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

*Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.

**Times five.

5 years. 

I have no words.  

We have not pulled our paperwork.  

I can't even say why.  I ever imagined it would be this hard to let go. 

I have no idea why we are still hanging on.

I have been praying for the strength and guidance to know what to do.

Yet I am still at a loss.


*Oh how I love that song

**2,628,000 minutes.


Spacemom said...

Perhaps you haven't pulled the paperwork because you still have your dream. As long as hope is alive, the dream is alive.

Cora said...

So much changes in 5 years and so much can change in another year. I am praying that you find what you are looking for!

Take care,

Susan said...

Michelle, I know that God answers all prayers, and the answer can be yes, no, or not is so hard sometimes to wait and trust. I send you hugs and prayers!


Jenna said...

Five years is such a long time. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything I can do from way down here let me know.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I know that struggle very well. who knows what the future will be!


Journeywoman said...

Hi hon.

First off--hugs.

Second off--with the new job, maybe it is possible?

More hugs.

Email me privately for more thoughts.

KHM said...

No words except I am sorry - this has got to be really hard.

Glinda said...

Michelle, you were right! Twins!!

Thank you for stopping by to check in on my blog; it is always nice to see old friends that I remember from the very beginning of this very long journey.

Good wishes to you.

Michele said...

If and when you feel it is right to pull your paperwork, you will know it. Until then obviously you aren't ready to give up on your dream. I do hope that you don't have to give up and that one day soon your dream will be realized.

Susan said...

I have been following your blog for a while. I know that it is hard to imagine waiting any longer than you have already waited but I have a feeling that you would regret making that decision after waiting for so long. Hang in there, it will be so worth it in the end. I love very day with my two Chinese princesses.

PinkDevora said...

You're not ready to give up. Please don't.

Jonni said...

Hugs my friend, you are almost there. I think you have not pulled it b/c that is not the road meant for you guys. Hang in there sweetie. Amazing things can happen.


Natalie said...

Michelle, the wait was long for Elliana and even today I cannot even imagine living life without her.
Keep on waiting girl, your baby will be so glad you did.

Love the vacation pics.