Monday, January 23, 2012

Continual Catch Up

I suck at blogging lately.

I feel like I am in a continual state of catching up.  I want to keep this as my online scrapbook but I can't seem to make it here regularly so I think I am going to not stress so much about the frequency and focus on the content.  If I don't have anything to post, then I won't.  Maybe two or three times a month is all I can do right now and that's o.k.

I never did get around to posting about my birthday and now it seems so long ago.   It was a wonderful day.  Low key and nice.  My sister got me a Keurig(I know!).

 Oh my gosh I am in love.  How did I ever live without this thing in my life?

O.K. that might be slightly overdramatic but I really love it.  The coffee is just so good and it is prefect for when I am running out the door and don't have time for a whole pot of coffee to brew.  It even has a small filter than you can use your own coffee in if you don't want or run out of the K cups it uses.  Love it.

Here I am with my birthday cake, that Joe insisted on putting all 41 candles on and it almost burned the house down.  Seriously.  That was a lot of smoke when I blew those out.

Let's see, what else?

I made a pact with myself(not a new year's resolution-those never last :) to eat healthier and exercise more. I am following a program but I won't bore you with the details her but it is working so far and I have lost some weight which makes me very happy.

I am back to walking and am loving it.  I forgot how much I loved it until I started doing it again.  Funny how that works.  Also funny(but not really) how easy it is to not do it, even though you know you will feel better afterwards.

I have also started doing quite a bit of yoga(thus the lotus flower at the top of the post.  I have only recently discovered them and they are so beautiful!) and I love how I feel afterwards.  I have a couple of beginner's tapes that I really love and aren't that difficult for my out of shape body to do.  Overall I am just starting to feel better.

I have an fun trip coming up and I am beyond excited.  I have already have some of my outfits planned out and it's still a month away.  Lisa said I am weird but I haven't been on a real vacation in two years and I can hardly wait.  A girl can never be too prepared!

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M3 said...

Sounds good, all of it. :-)

OK, I have dumb question about the yoga tapes. I got one too because I need to work on flexibility and balance (and de-stressing, haha like that'll ever work with me). Anyhow, how do you watch what they're doing on the tape without bending your neck toward the tv in unnatural (and hurtful) positions? Argh. I'm a lame yoga person.