Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I am having a hard week.  Maybe it is just the adjustment of getting back into the swing of things after having five days  off.  I hope that's it, because it is only Tuesday.  

I have so much to do and very little motivation to do it.

I have to unpack from our trip.

I have to finish putting up the Christmas decorations.  I made the mistake of getting all of the boxes out and starting the decorating last night but got tired and didn't finish and when I came home everything was spread out all over the floor the way I left it and it made me want to turn around and walk right back to my car and go somewhere, anywhere, but here. I live in a 1000 square foot apartment.  How is it possible that I have five large tupperware containers of Christmas stuff?  How?  I think it is time to go through and weed out a bit.

I have Christmas cards to address(which I got for $1.00 at Michael's), and bracelets to make(and send) and packages to send out and Christmas shopping to do.  I have only bought one thing. 

I knew  Christmas was going to be tight this year, but I didn't realize how tight until I sat down last night to look at our budget.  It's going to be tight. Joe and I always buy gifts for each other but we may not this year.  It's not that I am disappointed that  I won't be getting gifts, it's that I love to give them.  I really do.  I am trying to make a lot of handmade things but of course I have to sit down and actually finish the handmade things.

I love Christmas.  But Christmas is stressful.

Thank goodness tomorrow is my day off.  Hopefully I can get a bunch done then.  I'm sure I will feel better tomorrow.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

This has been a tough week to get back in the swing of things...after relaxing over the holiday weekend, it was not easy to jump in with both feet come Monday!

I just finished the decorating today...so I can cross that off my list. Unfortunately, I still have Christmas cards to write out and all of my shopping....I only have two things purchased.....this weekend I plan to shop until I drop.

It is a very stessful time of year...you are not alone...I am feeling it...big time!!

Journeywoman said...

May I suggest going back to the grade school mentality and making gifts?

I'm making my teenage and college age nieces "Terrible, Horrible, No-good, Very-bad day jars". I'm buying $1 jars from the craft store, I'm putting chocolate in the bottom and then memories and encouraging quotes on folded slips of paper to fill it up. When they have a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day they take a slip of paper.

For my husband I'm writing him a letter 13 reasons I love him and I will be including one reason for each year of our marriage, one memory. This is based on a letter I found in my mom's wallet when my dad did something similar for her. It was when they didn't have money for gifts. The date on it was 1965 and she's still never without it.

Hoping you feel better.

Polar Bear said...

I hope you are enjoying a quiet morning off! :)

Will it make you feel better to know that I haven't even put away the Fall/Thanksgiving decorations yet, much less taken out the Christmas decorations. I have not thought about shopping much, nor do I have even ONE gift purchased. I guess I better start thinking about some of these things.

I really like Journeywoman's idea for the letter. That is so sweet.

Good Luck!

2china4S said...

We did not even decorate for Thanksgiving and it is our daughter’s first. We did go all out for Halloween because that is the big Holiday around here.

I hope you have a productive and relaxing Wednesday. You have my phone numbers, so feel free to call if you need to vent. Heck, I might make you feel better with how bad things were for us last week. As you know, someone decided to highjack our daughter’s first Thanksgiving and that person is still reaching out and making life miserable.

We have yet to decorate, take pictures of Baby S for our Xmas cards, or buy ANY presents. I feel like such a failure. But hey, that is what the Holidays are about! We have this weekend to make it happen.

I’m totally liking Journeywoman’s letter idea. It’s about the memories and I need to hang on to those to make it through this season and to make it enjoyable for our daughter.

Be good to yourself, please?

I know it is late, but if you don’t talk about your boobs on the Internet, where do you?

I like the first picture on your Xmas cards contenders post.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Have you considered writing one another love notes and putting them in a journal or box? That's what the husband and I plan to do.