Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Electrical Parade from Michelle on Vimeo.


2china4S said...

The Electrical Parade and Fantasmic are my guilty Disney pleasures. We can't wait to take SS to enjoy them. Is Fantasmic still around? We have not visited Disney since 2005, so we are really behind. I wish we were going there instead of NY and PR next month. :( Yeah, that's how much I miss it. My IQ dropped to the low single digits whenever I saw the parade.

Michelle said...

K-Me too! I was giddy with anticipation before it started. Fantasmic is still going and they just updated for the summer. Haven't seen the new one yet but I have heard it is fabulous. We saw it in the Spring, before they added some new stuff and it was great then.

Kayce said...

oooooo I LOVE it!! I saw the parade for the first time ever when we went in January. Thanks for the memories and starting my day with a perfect smile!

I've got to find out from you how long you'll be up here...J and I are leaving for our trip on Monday for 8 days...I hope we get to see you guys before you leave!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

hey friend!

I am blogging again. check me out!