Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympics Junkie

We are truly loving the Olympics at our house.  We watch it every second that it is on, and our DVR is filled with the programs that we can't catch while I am at work.  I have even stayed up until midnight on a work night to see the end of  figure skating. If you know me, you would gasp at this because I go to bed early!

I think part of our fascination with them this time around is because they are being held in Vancouver.  2 years ago we were able to visit this great city. We fell in love with it and would love to plan a return visit one day.

I was feeling nostalgic for that trip so I pulled up a couple of pictures from it.

Such a great city.


Kayce said...

We too are loving the Olympics! Now I'm totally bummed that we never made it to Vancouver a few years back when we went camping and our destination was there but we turned back just before. Your pictures are amazing and makes me want to try again to camp our way up there!

Retro Girl said...

We had fun watching the US vs Canada hockey game last nite! Perfect since hubby's Canadian and I'm an American girl. LOL :-) We'd love to visit Vancouver - def on our future fam vacation list!

Debz said...

Isn't it amazing! I'm hooked too!

Maybe one day you can come visit the other coast of Canada and come see me! ....but you'll need a bigger jacket than the one you wore in Van. LOL.