Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Randomness

It seems like all I can come up with to write here is complete and total randomness.  I saw another blogger refer to it as a "brain dump".  I think that pretty much sums up these posts.

I have been sick.  Stomach issues. I don't think you really want to hear more than that. It was not fun.  I'm glad I am over it.

My New Obsessions
I am now hooked on Farmville.  I know.  If you are my Facebook friend, I'm sorry for the excessive wall posts.  You can block that application so you don't see them and I swear I won't send you any more neighbor or gift requests if you don't play.  It took me a couple of days to figure out who not to send that stuff to.

 I swore I wasn't going to get hooked on this game.  I am not a video game type of person.  Occasionally I will play solitaire on my computer but I don't have the attention span to play a game that you have to keep up with on a daily basis.

Yeah.  Famous last words.  I don't know what it is about this game.  It's like Crack!  Not that I would know what crack was like.  But you get the idea. It's addicting.  All of a sudden I am obsessing over my crops and animals and how can I get to the next level and oh my gosh my crops are withering!  Plus I am in a competition with my sister to see who can get to the next level quicker.  So far I am winning.  Heh.  Then I got my husband involved so he could be my neighbor and send me gifts.  Last night I stayed up an extra 30 minutes because one of my crops was going to be ready to harvest.

I think it might be time to stage a Farmville intervention.  But like my friend said, it's mindless and fun and there are worse things I could be doing with my time.  Like smoking crack.  So it's not really a bad thing to be playing it.  You should join me and be my neighbor.  You know you want to.

I have become addicted to green tea lattes.  It started at Starbuck's.  My co-worker DeAnn had one and she kept raving about how good they were.  So of course I had to try it and became addicted myself.  Since I don't have the extra income to be a Starbuck's addict, we looked up on the internet how to make them ourselves.  Turns out they sell the powder to make them at the Asian grocery store.  DeAnn picked me up some and I have been making them every day since. Sometimes twice a day. Have you ever had green tea ice cream like they have at Sushi restaurants?  It tastes just like that in a mug.  The packets come pre-measured and all you do is dump it in your mug and add water.  I like to add a little milk and Splenda to mine. good!

I already mentioned our obsession with the Olympics.  I have been staying up far past my bedtime to watch them.  I am so sad they are ending tonight.  We have so been enjoying them.

We went for a walk yesterday in the rain.  I love walking in the rain.  It is so peaceful.  There is nobody else out and about, I love the dark clouds and the sound of the rain is calming. I took a few pictures with my cell phone.  I so need to get a new camera.  My Dad lent me his old one but I can't seem to get the batteries to charge and I don't have any laying around and every time I go to the store I forget to pick some up.  So cell phone pics it is.

This is how it looked when we started out.  I'm not sure if you can tell in this picture but it is raining cats and dogs.  Joe thought I was crazy to want to go out in that kind of downpour.  But I knew that it was just a storm cell passing through and that by the time we got to the park it would have passed. I was right.  It was only raining lightly when we got there and the sun even peeked through at the end of our walk.

 These little guys were quite friendly but were none to happy when they got up close to us and realized we had not brought anything for them to eat.  They quacked indignantly at us as if to say "Hey lady, if you are going to come visit us, you best be bringing us some bread"  before waddling off back into the pond.  Next time I won't forget to bring a little something for them.

 I know you can't see in this picture(maybe slightly, way in the back, above the houses) but there were literally hundreds of seagulls there.  They were circling over the water over an over in a sprial formation.  It was like something out of the movie "The Birds" and it was kind of creepy.

 At the very end of our walk we saw a rainbow.  I love rainbows.  I mean, who doesn't right?  They make me happy and with all of the rain we have been having lately we have had more our usual sightings of them.

I have nothing fun or exciting coming up and it's bumming me out. We aren't taking any time off at my job  this year for Spring Break so I won't get to visit my sister this year.  I think this will be the first Spring break in probably 8 years that I haven't gone to see her.  Plus I am missing my bloggy friends up there.  It's been forever since I saw M3 and I am jonesing to go meet Kacey's little one Jenny.  We might have to plan a weekend turnaround trip just so I can get my fix.

I guess that's it.  I hope everyone is having  a nice weekend.


M3 said...

I like your randomness! Fun to read, plus those pictures are dang nice (I can't believe they're phone pics).

Come up, come up, we'll have a little party!!

Alyson and Ford said...

I enjoyed your post. We don't go visiting our friends often either as we always seem to have family activities going on (or we are sick... glad you are better).
Enjoy each day; I have to remember that my A-type personality, not to feel guilty if I don't accomplish something BIG each day. Relax.
Have a great week too!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Anonymous said...

I used to be addicted. I had to let go.

Retro Girl said...

I used to play farmville...I got bored with it and ran out of time...all my crops went to crap. lol. Oh well. I don't play FB games anymore.

Great the ducks and the rainbow!