Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maybe I should just resign myself to the reality that I will only be posting once a week or so.  I just don't have a lot to say, and honestly there isn't a lot going on(that I'm willing to share here).  I'm worried and stressed every day about Joe's job situation.  His unemployment is going to run out at some point(not right this second, but soon enough to have me worried).  It's getting harder and harder to explain to people that he can't get a job.  People are so judgmental. I usually just let them have their say and I keep quiet.  You know how they say you don't know someone's story unless you have walked in their shoes?  I have learned that to be so true.  So true.  I am going to try very hard not to assume things about people any more.  You have no idea what their story is.  I am learning a lot of life lessons out of this whole thing and as difficult as it is to go through it right now I think I will come out of it a better person.  It doesn't keep me from crying myself to sleep over it many nights though.

Moving on.

World of Color was amazing.  So.  Good.  I can't wait to see it again, but I'll wait until the hype dies down before we do.  What a process it was just to see it.  We had to be at CA Adventure at 5:00 to get our fastpasses for it.  We were told you couldn't line up until 5:00.  Well they lied because there were a whole lotta people in line before us and we got there at 4:30.  My back had been hurting a lot(I'm so over my back hurting), so I was worried about how long we were going to have to stand in line.  We thought maybe I would find a bench to sit on while Joe waited.  So I got in line and Joe went to the front to see how long the line was.  Next thing I know he's coming back with 2 fastpasses. I was like "How'd you do that?"  He said he told some lady at the very front of the line that his wife had a bad back and she was standing at the back of the line and would she mind getting us a couple of fast passes?  Well she said "Sure, no problem" and he handed her our annual passes and within 5 minutes we had our fast passes.  And they were for the best viewing area.  Maybe it wasn't fair to the rest of the people in line but I was so grateful.  If there is one thing I have to say about Joe, it's that he is resourceful.

That gave us about 4 hours to fill until the showing so we went over to Disneyland to hang out.  We ended up sitting on a bench and people watching for a while because my back was hurting(did I mention I'm over my back hurting?  Because I am).  A lot of stuff was closed because they weren't launching their "Halloween Time" events until two days later.  After that we had to go move our car because we parked in the Downtown Disney parking lot and you only get 3 hours free and Joe didn't want to pay for parking.  We took the monorail out to Downtown disney, which is so convenient.

After moving the car we headed back into CA Adventure.  The cool thing was, the park was closed to regular visitors at this point and only open for annual passholders, so it was empty.  We walked right on Tower of Terror, 3 times in a row.  We love that ride. Finally at 8:00 it was time to head over to the "holding area" for World of Color.  We had to stay in the holding area for an hour, until it was time for them to herd us into the viewing area for the show.  We had the best location, front and center.  If there is one thing I would change about it, it would be that they make it so you can sit down and watch the show, like they do for Fantasmic.  The way they had it set up you had to stand the whole time and the show is about 35 minutes long.  That's a long time to stand, especially if you are in pain. This is where Joe comes through again.  He went and told a cast member that his wife had a bad back and was there somewhere she could sit down to view the show.  Well next thing I know, a cast member is escorting us to a roped off area with benches with a perfect view of the show.  One of the things I love about Disney.  They are so accommodating.  Joe stood up in the back of the area to give other people who needed to  sit  a spot.

But the show was amazing and totally worth the wait and we are so lucky to have gotten to see it.  I love having Wednesdays off.

Today we have been doing a lot of cleaning and purging and then we are headed out for a walk later. The weather is beautiful today.  Cloudy and breezy with a high of 70.  Unfortunately it's going to go up to  97 degrees on Sunday.  Blech.  That's not very Fall like at all.


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