Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Here is something that we do on another board I belong to and since I keep coming here and don't know what to write I think I'll try it here.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good:
-- I went to Vegas for Labor Day weekend.  We housesat at an amazing house in Henderson and laid by the pool all day.  It was good to get away.

--I applied for several jobs in another city and I got job interviews for all of them. I couldn't go on any of them at this time, but at least I know that I am hirable.  Now if only we had the money to move.  I don't think Joe is going to find a job if we stay here. Our county has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state.  Something has to change and I think it might have to be our location.

The Bad:
--My uncle died. My prayers are with my Aunt and my cousins. He will be greatly missed.

--My car got broken into and about $350 worth of stuff was stolen.  It sucks.

--Our cat is missing.  I am trying not to panic about it.  She has disappeared for a couple of days before and she always came back but that was when she was younger and got around better. She is 18 years old.  Her back legs often go out on her.  I have been trying to keep her in the house but she has been an outdoor cat all of her life and she would stand at the door and howl until we let her out.  She has to come back.  I can't even think about the alternative.

The Ugly:

Me in a bathing suite in Vegas.  Not.  Pretty.  I want to start walking again but my back still hurts.  Will it heal eventually and stop hurting?  I mean it can't hurt forever, right?  Anyone with back injuries out there that have an answer for this one?

I know I had a lot of bad in there but this has been a hard few weeks.  Things will get better.

So let's hear your Good, Bad and Ugly.


Shannon said...

1. SO sorry about your uncle. And your cat. I'm sure she'll come back. And your car break in. Does insurance cover any of that?
2. Love your little signature. Where did you make/get that?
3. MOVE! There is no reason Joe hasn't been hired where you live that can be attributed to Joe. So move. Like you said, you're hirable, and I bet he is too once you get out of your area. Come here! I'm a great neighbor! :)

Jenna said...

I put this on my blog, i like this, kind of like high/low. Nice little insights.
It is awesome you are so valued in the work force, I will pray that you can find a way to move, and like always I will continue to pray for Joe to get a job. Vegas sounds nice!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Good: Friend like you!
Bad: I gave me ex a bad time for no apparent reason. Just me being a bit of a bitch.
Ugly: Me in MY bathing suit and I have no excuses!

So sorry to hear about your uncle. It is so tough.


Journeywoman said...

More hugs.

You're beautiful--don't let the madison ave tell you anything otherwise.

The Good:

It is the Jewish new year.

The Bad:
It is also the new school year and some of the kids are ALREADY grating on D's nerves.

The Ugly:
My house is a total wreck and I have people coming for dinner!

Anonymous said...

We need to hold a raffle or something to get you moving money. I want you out of So Cal!

I don't like me much in a swimsuit either. It is rarely pretty.