Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Been lots going, but too tired to blog.

This seagull was chilling on the railing at the beach yesterday. He sat there forever while we took his picture, almost like he was posing for us.   Funny little dude.

We have been keeping ourselves pretty busy this summer.

I am still doing weight watchers, and I am still(slowly and steadily) losing weight.

I have lost 35.5 pounds to date.  I am thrilled with that amount, but I have a ways to go.  I try not to think about how far I have to go and be happy with what I have lost.  I don't always succeed. But 35 pounds!  I have no clothes that fit me now.  

Work is going great.  It's our busy time and boy are we busy!  We have five telephone lines and they ring off the hook.  It's crazy really.  Keeps us on our toes.

We have a mexican restaurant across the street from us and occasionally we will go over there after work and have a margarita(or two).  Some days we really need them.

We went out a couple of weeks ago to say goodbye to my co-worker who is moving away.  I am sad that she is leaving but excited for her new journey.  There are quite a few girls missing from this pic. (T and I  didn't get the memo on the

Me with Kelli, the girl who is leaving.  We will miss her!  She is having a baby and we are all bummed she won't be here for us to spoil after she has him/her.

Love, love, love the girls I work with!

Today was our last dragon boat practice. Next week are the races. I am excited about the races, but sad that it is coming to an end.  I love it so much.  I love everything about it. I even love the exercises we do in the beginning, although I seem to be the only one who does.  Maybe because I have been exercising on a regular basis at home.  I feel so much more warmed up and ready to go after our 20 minute warm up sessions.

Last week they let me be the caller and it was the coolest thing ever!  The caller is the one sitting on the bow of the boat, facing the team.  At first it's a little scary because you are balancing precariously up there but once I got over that it was awesome.  So exhilarating. One of the reasons they chose me to call was because the caller rarely gets to paddle(because they are calling), and Debbie really wanted some paddling time.  I couldn't paddle because of my thumb, so I was the perfect candidate. The other reason was because, well, because I am so loud and they needed someone who could speak loud enough for everyone on the boat to hear.  I fit that bill perfectly.  As we were getting off the boat I overheard someone saying to Joe "Michelle did really well.  I could hear her all the way in the back of the boat".  Joe responded "Yeah.  She can be loud.  That's her playground voice".  LOL!  He's right.  You don't work in a daycare center for 14 years and not learn how to project your voice.

We have been on this team for six years now and have come to really like the people we paddle with.

Oh, I forgot to mention something else that happened over Fourth of July.

Here I am rocking my latest fashion accessory.  Yes, that's a thumb splint.  I knocked my hand into a table(HARD)  the day before the 4th and I have been rocking the splint ever since.  The urgent care doc said it wasn't broken(although they didn't x-ray it).  It's just a bad sprain, but oh my word does it hurt!  I have only just started going without the splint for a few hours per day when I am not active.   I swore to my co-workers that if I had to wear it one more day I was going to bling it up, so last Thursday that's what I did.

Here it is :

Isn't it bee-yoo-tee-ful?  Or gaudy.  You choose.  I already know which one Joe chooses.  :)

Yesterday my friend Carla let me hang with her at the stables.  I didn't get to ride because the horse she has there right now is a baby, but I got to groom and watch while she worked him in the round pen, and just soak up the horsey goodness.  I spent so many years of my life at the stables that it feels like coming home.  That's where Carla and I met, and spent most of our childhoods together.  We were trying to figure out how long we have been friends and realized it has been 28 years!  Wow, that must mean we are getting really old!!

This is Carla's colt Cowboy.  Love him!

This is Carla's daughter's yellow lab Sage. He's such a love.

Afterwards we rode bikes down to the beach and had lunch at Ruby's and walked around.  Only in Southern CA can you be taking care of your horses and then 20 minutes later be hanging out at the beach.  Love where I live.

The weather was beautiful and the beach was packed.

There were a ton of wind surfers out there.  There was supposed to be one in the picture but I didn't realize how far away it looked on my phone until I uploaded it.  It's that tiny little thing over my right shoulder.

That's how my summer has been going.  How about you!

20 days until we are here!

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