Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fourth of July

We had a laid back Fourth of July.  I had a couple of invitations to go to BBQ's but we decided to stay in and then go watch the fireworks show in the park next to us.  They always put on a good show and we can walk there.

The sun didn't make an appearance until almost four o'clock but that didn't stop me from having a craving for something cold and refreshing.  Margaritas were the drink of choice and off I went  to the store to pick up a few ingredients.

I was going to make a traditional margarita but then I saw on Pinterest this grapefruit margarita and it looked so yummy we decided to try those instead.

I had most of the ingredients on hand, except for the grapefruit juice.

I pinned the recipe here:  Grapefruit Margarita

The recipe actually calls for Triple Sec, but we had Grand Marnier on hand and it was delicious with it.  But if you wanted to follow the recipe exactly, it uses Triple Sec.

Please don't mention the huge bottle of Petron tequila that we own.  It was bought for me by Joe as kind of a joke after our staff Christmas party last year(don't ask).  I have no idea how more than half of it got drank in the last 7 months.  No idea!(ahem)

Anyway, it was called for in this recipe, and luckily we had some.    :)

They were so good!

When it started getting dark we walked over the freeway overpass to the park.  The fireworks show they put on at the high school next to us is rated as one of the top ten in Orange County.  People come from all over town to see them.  They even fill up the parking lot of our apartment complex since we live so close.   It's illegal and annoying as heck, but they still do it.

Waiting for the fireworks to start

I can never get good pictures of fireworks, so no pictures of those.  

Chilling after the fireworks waiting for the crowd to thin out before walking home.

It was a nice, laid back day.  At least next year we will get two days off.  It sucks when it falls right in the middle of the week like that.

Two weeks until Dragon Boat Races(already!), and then four more weeks until I am sitting here with a cold beer in my hand:

Can.  Not.  Wait.

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