Friday, June 29, 2012

Time flies

How does so much time get away from me between posts?  How is it almost Fourth of July?(

I have no idea what is up with the text here and later on but I spent 20 minutes trying to fix it and I can't.

I am happy that time is flying by right now because it means we are slowly getting closer to our trip here:

It's been three years since we were last there and I.  can.  not.  wait.  to go back.  

7 weeks!!

Last weekend we met up with P, K & S to have dinner at their house. K was going to make us homemade carnitas(Joe's favorite).  Just as we pulled up I got a text from K(sorry I didn't get it earlier while I was driving) that S had fallen on their tile floor and busted her chin open.

So we arrived at their house,  and they had to leave  to go to the ER.  Joe and I enjoyed the carnitas(and a margarita.  O.K., a couple of margaritas, but who's counting?) alone. The carnitas were dee-licious!

I  kept updated on S's condition via text while Joe and I enjoyed their flat screen t.v. and trashy cable t.v. shows, neither of which we have at our house. 

Sadly, by the time they came home I was ready to go, as I wasn't feeling well and hadn't slept well in a few days.

Here is S after she got her stitches.  Poor little sweetie!  She was so brave.

We are making plans to do it again, this time where we actually get to eat together.  :)  I can't wait!

Let's see, how else am I occupying my time?  Oh yes, Pinterest.  If you aren't on Pinterest, man you are missing out!  You can follow me here.  If you don't know what it is and you want to check it out, I can send you an invitation.  I heart Pinterest

One of the jokes about it is that people pin all of these amazing things like recipes, or DIY projects or crafts, but they never make any of them.

 Well not me, because I actually have made quite a few things that I pinned.  Most of them recipes or craft projects, but I have used some of their natural home cleaning tips as well.

Anyway, if you have spent any time on Pinterest at all, I'm sure you have seen those salads in a mason jar.  I loved this idea when I saw it, as I bring salads to work two-three times per week. I bought some divided tupperware containers to put all of my ingredients in, but it was very bulky to bring to work, and store in our very small fridge.  I decided to give the jar idea a try.

I didn't have any mason jars at home. I didn't want to buy a whole package of 12 and I had a spaghetti jar on hand so I used that and it worked just fine.

First I gathered all of my veggies and got to chopping.

I love this low fat honey mustard dressing I found that is made with yogurt.  I despise fat free dressing(yuck) so I usually go with a low fat version. It's worth the extra points for me. This dressing is only 2 points per serving. It comes in a parmesan caesar that is delicious too.

All of the ingredients chopped and ready to go into the jar
                                                       Next I chopped the lettuce

Now to layer it in the jar. The dressing goes first. The key is to not let the dressing touch the lettuce, or the lettuce will get slimy.

Start layering the ingredients. They said to start with the "hearty" vegetables first.  I put the tomatoes, onion, and corn in first, topped by the chicken.  

Next you stuff the lettuce on top tightly. I really mashed it in there.  Put the lid on and that's it!  A healthy lunch to take to work. When you pour the salad into a bowl, it comes out perfectly with all of your veggies on and dressing on top. I read somewhere that you could shake up the bottle and it would coat the lettuce but mine didn't budge because I stuffed so much lettuce in there.

 The best thing about them is that they last four days!  On Sunday night I make a couple of these for my  lunches and I am good to go.  So convenient and healthy!

I had also seen on someone's blog that you could make fruit salad and store it the same way, so I tried that too.  The fruit salad kept for about three days, but it was very convenient to just pour it into the bowl when we wanted to eat it.  If I prep fruits and veggies when I first bring them home so I am much more likely to eat them.

I put the blackberries on top so they didn't get squished.

Anyone else out there a Pinterest addict that I can follow there?  I am always looking for people to follow because the more people you follow the more great pins you see.

On a totally unrelated (yet awesome) note, head over to my friend Rhonda's blog and check out the referral of their beautiful baby BOY!  He is precious!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Happy 4th!


Rhonda said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Michelle. <3

The Nanny said...

Michelle, I might have missed it somewhere along the way but have you made a definite decision about pulling your application?
I noticed referrals are up to mid September now...