Tuesday, December 04, 2012


The first of December.  Wow.

And Christmas is in full swing, although it feels like it has been in full swing for a couple of weeks now.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  Truly fabulous.  We went up North again this year.  It was a last minute decision, as we had decided that maybe this year we should stay home. I'm glad we went.  we had a wonderful time.

We drove up on Thanksgiving day, leaving at four a.m.  As painful as it is to hear the alarm buzzing at such an ungodly hour, it is so nice to arrive at  your destination before twelve o' clock in the afternoon.  We made it just in time for some Thanksgiving appetizers.  Yum.

It was a quiet Thanksgiving this year, with just Lisa, the kids and us.

The kids were with their Dad for most of the weekend after Thanksgiving so it was pretty peaceful, which was nice.  Don't get me wrong, we missed the kids, but peaceful is nice too.

Joe and I went into Laguna the week before thanksgiving. It was a beautiful fall day. He took this picture of me at the beach. I'm looking directly into the sun, thus the squinty picture.

One day we went to Tiburon.  It's such a quaint little town and we had beautiful weather. Joe and I are almost always blessed with beautiful weather when we visit San Fran.  It's kind of funny because the last few times Lisa has visited us we had crummy weather but whenever we go up there it is usually beautiful.

Breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge

Lisa asked to take some quick pictures of her and the kids for their Christmas cards so we took a couple just for fun.  I won't be sending out cards this year but if I was, one of these pictures would be perfect.

I looked over into the dining room and this is how I found Finn.  He tried to get off when he saw me coming but I made him sit and pose for a picture first. I love how guilty he looks here.  He won't even look at me! So funny.

So that pretty much sums up our thanksgiving. I am pretty ahead of the game this year as far as Christmas shopping goes. I'm not buying much but I am almost finished with what I am buying.

Aside from that I'm not feeling that much Christmas cheer. Things are so different this year and I have been feeling kind of sad.

Our office Christmas party is coming up in two weeks so I'm sure that will cheer me up. I had such a fabulous time last year, as many of my co workers like to remind me!

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