Friday, January 18, 2013


yeah, so a couple of weekends ago it was my birthday. 


So far it doesn't feel much different than 41.  Hopefully that continues as the year goes  

I ended up with strep throat.  On my birthday.  Not so much fun.  Joe made me get up and leave the house anyway because he knew I would be sad if I sat home all day on my birthday.

Since  I currently live 1.3 miles from this:, that's where we ended up.

It was a beautiful day.  

Later my roommate made me the most wonderful birthday cake.  

My favorite---strawberry!  She found it on one of my pinterest boards and it was TO.  DIE.  FOR.
OMG I can't even tell you how good this cake was. It had homemade strawberry cream cheese frosting.  I think I ate half of it over the span of one weekend and that's saying a lot because it was HUGE.  I still think about that cake, two weeks later.  Seriously, Yum.

Thank you, C for making me a cake for my birthday. So thoughtful!  

We didn't put 40 candles on the cake, unlike last year when Joe insisted and the smoke alarm went off. No joke.

That's my roommate's son. How gorgeous is he??  

It was a lovely birthday, despite being sick.

In our(his) free time, Joe and I have been making Tet and Chinese New Year banners to sell on etsy. Yes, you heard that right.  JOE and I have been making banners.  He has been cutting the pieces and assembling them for me so that all I have to do is string them and tie the ribbons.  I have sold quite a few, on my site and privately.  I have one left that is finished and ready to ship out if anyone is interested.  They really are beautiful.

If someone wants this one, I'll pay for the shipping on it. Just drop me an email at chinaadopter(at)gmail(.com).

The snakes can be removed for subsequent years. I will even send you next year's animal for free!

 I am back on the WW wagon, and it feels good.  I eat so much healthier on it.  

I have also decided to kick up my exercise a notch and my roommate and I have been doing the couch to 5K program.  

Don't laugh!  I didn't say I was *good* at it.  I just said I was trying it. I'm only on my third day and I'm not gonna lie, it's hard. 

 I'm committed to doing it though, because Lisa signed us up for the color run in SF in March.  It's such a fun run that I am excited for it. I don't think I will be in good enough shape to actually run the whole way(even though it is only a 5K) but I will be in better shape by then than I am now.

What's that saying?  No matter how slow you are going you are still lapping everyone on the couch?  Yeah.  That.

How fun does this look?

I'm going to start talking only in questions. Because that's not annoying at all. (How annoying is that?)

It's going to be a blast.

I don't think I will ever be a runner. But maybe I could become a slow jogger.  We'll see.  Like I said, only third day in.

That's about it.  Lots of other changes going on right now, but that's for another post.

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Number 6 and no more counting! said...

fantastic on the 5K! I would love to do that. How are you training?

Ordered my banner!