Monday, February 11, 2013


I really want to keep up this blog.  I really do.

But then I just....don't.  I have multiple excuses reasons this time.  The keyboard on my computer broke(seriously, it's always SOMETHING isn't it??).  I am using an external keyboard for now, which is a huge pain.  I need to take it to the Apple Store to see how much it will cost to fix but I don't have the money to fix it right now so I'm not going to bother going.  Sigh.

Usually this time of year I do my "heart in nature" posts but I totally forgot.  I can't even link to some I have done in the past because when I go to them the pictures just have a blank screen with an exclamation point in them.  Apparently both my computer and my blog hate me.  Ugh.

I'm such a slacker. We'll see how I decide to proceed with the blog in the next couple of months. We would be getting our referral in the next few months and I'm not sure i will feel like continuing here after that. I don't know yet. I feel quite numb about it right now. We will see.

Lots  of changes have happened since my last post, the biggest being that I moved.  I moved closer to my job.  Commuting almost two hours a day was simply too exhausting for me.  Not to mention the gas.  I am saving over two hundred dollars a month in gas money!  That has allowed me to pay a little more towards rent.  I was able to rent a master bedroom in someone's house, with a private entrance and my own bathroom.

Like I said, it's small, but it's mine.  I am renting from a very nice family and they pretty much give me my privacy, which I like.  It has bright sunny yellow walls and I am putting up all my pictures and knick knacks and it is feeling very homey.  It's not perfect.  Of course I would like to live in my own apartment. In our own apartment.

But it's not forever and for now it is the next best thing.

On Valentine's Day Joe and I will celebrate 20 years of marriage.  I'm not sure how that can be, but when I crunch the numbers that appears to be the case   :)

We will spend it together but we don't have any plans for the actual day.  We don't typically celebrate our anniversary on the actual day due to the craziness of Valentine's day.

A couple of months ago I did get a great deal on Groupon  for a sunset cruise around Newport Harbor so I am going to surprise Joe with that.

The fact that we still even *want* to spend our anniversary together says a lot. Because I really do.

Want to spend my anniversary with my husband.

Twenty years. We made it twenty years. Barely, but we did. That's something right?

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