Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer so far

So far my summer has been good. 

What  have I been up to?  

Pretty much just dragon boat and horsey stuff.  Having so much fun with the horsey stuff!!

Loving it!

It's such a stress reliever after a long work day. 

 Work is crazy. People are crazy.  And sometimes mean.  It's astonishing actually, how some people act, especially when they can't get their way. They should be ashamed of themselves.   I mean really people!  I worked with kindergartners that acted more maturely than you.  


Rant over. 

So I'm loving the stables.  

And dragon boat practice.  

I'm still conflicted about what to do about my living situation.   I didn't think I would be living here this long. I was hoping for some changes so that joe and I could find a place together but they don't seem to be happening.  I pray for them every day but still nothing happens and I am beyond discouraged about it. 


In a week I am going to have seven days off and I am so excited.  I'll be spending it with my sees-ter up north.    It will be just the two of us and I am so looking forward to it.  

I am in need of a vacation. The last one I had was at Christmas! It's so great to be able to get paid for it too.  We can accrue up to three weeks of vacation time which is pretty great.  So different than my last job.   I'm coming up on two years there in August! 

Five more work days.  I can do this.    :)

My new horsey hat

The stables are so peaceful at the end of the day

This horse reminds me so much of my first horse.  He's so sweet too.  

I've only braved the trails once.  I was waiting until I got a helmet and my friend Kelli got one this weekend.  Safety first.  I'm not fifteen anymore!

He's so gorgeous.  :)

It was a beautiful day today out on the water

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M3 said...

Yay for vacations and sisters and horses and dragon boats!!