Friday, August 09, 2013


This summer is flying by.  It has been really great so far, which is nice because if you remember i said at the beginning of summer this isn't my favorite season.  I actually usually really dislike it.   

But so far it has been very nice.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful!  We had one or two hot days but it has been in the high seventies to mid eighties for a few weeks.  Love it!  Of course September and October can still be very hot for us but for now I am enjoying the lovely weather. 

Speaking of seasons, Fall is coming!  Oh how I love Fall.  October, November and December are my favorite months of the year.  I love all of the holidays.  In fact, I have already started Christmas shopping!  Yes, you heard that right.  I swear every year I'm going to get started early and I never do. Not this year.  My goal is to have all of my shopping done by the first of November.  I have purchased two gifts already.  Joe is going to buy me a large Tupperware and label it Christmas to put all of my gifts in because he knows that otherwise I will misplace them. Actually it's kind of self preservation for him because he gets tired of me complaining that I can't find something and I usually end up making him look for it for me(he's a good 

My one wish is that I am able to move into a larger place.  I am praying nightly that I am in a new place by Christmas.  If you could spare some extra prayers would you mind praying for that for me too?  I really want to be in a place I can call home.  I also want to have a pet again. I so miss having pets. I didn't realize how much they bring to your life until I didn't have it anymore.  I still miss Gizmo very much. 

Instagram locked me out of my account and I'm so sad.  I love Instagram and I had almost four hundred pictures there.  I'm really pissed because they are the ones who locked me out, I apparently signed up with an email I don't know about, and they said I didn't link my account to Facebook  ( even though I did) and they said they can't help me get it back.  Their customer service is less than stellar. I created a new account for now but I'm really pissed about it.  

I had gone private on it because I have a stalker(hi stalker!).  My new one will be private too, once I get it established.  I'll never understand why people who want nothing to do with you feel the need to spy on what you are doing.  Some people need a life.  

We went to the beach after work a couple of Fridays ago and it was closed due to extremely high surf. The water washed up the entire beach and even into the parking lot!  It was crazy.  Of course we snuck down and took some pictures.  This picture of me smiling was between sets and I was terrified. As soon as joe snapped it I ran for higher ground.  Big waves freak me out. 
The whole parking lot was swept over with a wave!  That must have been very scary for people who were on the beach at the time.  
I wasn't able to capture the sheer magnitude of the waves with my cell phone.  They were huge. 

Anyway, dragon boat season ended but we are gearing up to practice another month and attend one more race.  So happy!!

We went out to dinner with some fellow teammates (who live 15 minutes from us!) and had the best time. Feels good to be getting out and being social again. 

Work  Pretty crazy.  Summer is busy.  We are booked six weeks out and it continues to amaze me.  Who knew so many people went to the dermatologist?  Not me.  Been putting in a lot of hours but I love my co-workers, which makes it bearable.  Of course it helps that my job has some fabulous perks. Free(costly) cosmetic treatments, discounts on some great skincare products, and drug reps that bring us catered lunch three times a week plus coffee and snacks most of the other days.  It makes up for the craziness.  Almost.   :)

One of the drug reps brought us these beautiful cupcakes.  Aren't they stunning?  Almost too pretty to eat.  (We still ate

We went and sat in a timeshare presentation to get a free trip to Catalina and it turned out to be kind of a scam. I was bummed because I know people who have gotten some cool trips that way but this one kind of sucked.  Don't get me wrong, we still got a free trip to Catalina out of it, which we will be going on(I've never been!) but it wasn't exactly as promised and it was more of a hassle than I anticipated.  Oh well.  Live and learn. I promised Joe we won't be trying that again, seeing a though I had to drag him there kicking and screaming and it didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted.  

Been riding a lot lately and it is awesome.  I forgot how much I love to ride.  When I first got back Into this I was worried that it would be difficult for me because I am much older and have gained weight. That hasn't been the case At. All.  Riding is in me.  It's like breathing. When I'm on on the back of a horse I feel whole.    I'm so grateful to have been given this opportunity again.  

Overall life has been really good.  It's been a rough couple of years and I was starting to think I would never feel "normal" again. 

But I do feel normal.  Better than normal. 

Life is good.  


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I am so glad to hear from you! Can I just say you look amazing!! You both do.


Alyson and Ford said...

Sounds like a great summer! We look forward to Fall too, finally cools down here a little. Good luck house hunting, we are doing the same, looking for our "final" resting spot (haha).

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Briana's Mom said...

You look and sound amazing. You look very happy - and that makes me very happy. I will pray that you get a new place very soon!!!