Thursday, February 20, 2014

Coming along

We went to the new place last weekend.  We had to drop some boxes at my friend's house(she's letting us store them there), so we thought we may as well check on the progress. 

I hadn't realized until I posted these on Facebook that I haven't shared a picture of the new place yet.  I have been kind of hesitant to do so. 


Totally stupid reason. 

Part of me was embarrassed to admit that we are moving into essentially a mobile home park.  I have heard many words to describe the type of dwelling my new home is. Park model.  Pre fabricated housing.  

But let's be honest:   It's a single wide mobile home. 

And I love it.  

I never though I would be thrilled to say I am going to be moving into a single wide mobile home trailer. 

But I am. More than thrilled. Ecstatic actually.  

WHO CARES WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK??  They can take a long walk off a short pier.  

Like my Sees-ter said to me the other night: Lots of people move into mobile home parks when  they retire!  You're just getting a head start!  Lol.  

Also, the saying "you don't know what you've got until it's gone?"  It's 100% true. 

For 18 months I have been without a home.  

Without a faithful companion(the furry kind). 

Without a functioning kitchen. 

Without privacy. 

I did not realize how much I took those things for granted until I didn't have them anymore.  

I'm over the top happy to be having these things again.  I will not take them for granted again. 

And I have always, always wanted to live closer to nature.  It wasn't something I thought I could ever do, living in such a suburban area.  The fact that I can do so now, and still be relatively close to work is amazing.  A dream come true.  

So, the new place is coming along. They are still working on the deck.  Next the skirting will go on. After that the electricity.  We will have a land line telephone installed, as we don't get cell phone service up there.  

I'm still on the fence about cable.  We simply don't watch a lot of tv.  I hate the thought of paying to not watch tv.  We watch most of our shows online.  I think if we have Internet that will be sufficient. 

I'm not sure.  We'll see.'s some pictures of the new place.  

This vantage point is from what will be our "driveway". We will have to have some gravel put down so it doesn't get too muddy when it rains.  Not that we have to worry about that with the drought we are having. 

See the oak trees?  Beautiful!  And we are building a fence around the outside for when we get a dog The fence there on the left(next to the tree) is the boundary of our property, so it will be a nice sized area for a yard.  And a garden. 

This is so much better than apartment living. So much better.  

Here's the inside.  It's teeny tiny.  

And it's perfect for us.  
Come quickly, March 15th!

This has truly been the longest six weeks of my life.  

22 days, 6 hours, and 53 minutes.   


Kiy said...

Michele, it's adorable. I am so completely in love with it! And good for you for coming to the "I don't care what others think" realization. I think you guys will be very happy there. And I'm thrilled for you that you are getting back to a happy place in your life. {{hugs!}}

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I am thrilled for you. It yours and it so cozy.


LedaP said...

Michelle, I have not been what you have in the last few years, but I will tell you that in the 22 years I have been married, I have moved 20+ times. I probably having a house for granted for sure - but what I long for is some roots. Somewhere to call home - for good. I am tired - tired of packing, tired of finding my way around new communities, new schools, new doctors, trying to - or giving up on trying to make new friends - only to move again. So, in that way, I can understand. I don't need a fancy place, I am just ready to stop moving from place to place and settle with my family. To have somewhere to call HOME. So, KUDOS to you for not caring what anyone else thinks. Life is too short for any of that. And your place looks perfect! I'm happy for you! xoxo

Kathy said...

Congrats on your new home. A home is what you make of it and I am sure you will make this a lovely place for all who come. Happy settling in and hoping March 15th comes quickly for you. You are so right in not worrying about what others think, you and only you are what matters.

Susan said...

OMG, it is so cute! Lots better than a yucky apartment. Enjoy your new home, I think you will be really happy there.

Lisa~~ said...

Looks lovely, can't wait to see it finished and once you decorate. Enjoy!

D & S said...

Until you said it was a mobile home I didn't even realize it was a mobile home. It is lovely and it is yours. You will make it your home and that is all that matters.