Sunday, March 23, 2014

The moving post

I had not intended to stay away so long.  The weeks leading up to our move dragged by so slowly  and I couldn't wait to get out of our old place and then when it came time to move things got crazy.  Really crazy. 

I thought I was so prepared to move.  We were almost completely packed. We had everything set up at the new place for all of our utilities to be installed when we got there.  I had asked my friends to help us with their trailer and  we had plans to met up on Saturday morning.  

You can probably see where this is going.  Everything started falling apart on Friday morning when we found out that the highway in/out of our our new home was going to be closed.  All weekend.  

It's ok, we thought.   They usually only close it overnight, from twelve am to six. 

Nope.  Going to be closed all day.  

Certainly not for the whole weekend, we thought. 

 Yes.  The whole weekend. 

But they will let residents in right?(they usually do)

Nope.  The highway would be closed.   No one in or out. All weekend. The weekend we were supposed to move.  AND we had to be out of our current place on Saturday, as they already had someone moving in on Sunday. 

Turns out they were going to repair the sides of the mountains that had suffered rock slides due to the rain a couple of weeks ago and needed the entire road closed for the entire weekend to do so.  


Cue total freak out.  At work no less.  

So what's a girl to do?  

I'll tell you what.  I left work immediately(so thankful to my job for being so understanding).  Went online and rented a UHaul truck.  Drove over to pick it up, then joe and I headed back to our place to load it up.   You know how you always think you are ready for a move and then you start moving and  realize you still have far too much crap and there is still a lot to be done?

Yeah. That. 

I also wasn't prepared to be helping joe with loading the heavier items, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  

Every time I move I'm reminded of how much I hate moving. 

Took us a couple of hours to get loaded up. 

Then we headed up the road to our new place around six pm. Unloaded, headed back down to clean the old place and return the truck.  Back to the new place at nine, where I literally fell into bed, exhausted.  

That's what I like to call gettin' it done.  

Still. So stressful. 

But it was done.  We were moved. 

Of course all the pre planning I had done for our utilities fell apart too.   No one could get up or down the road so neither the phone company nor cable could come to hook us up.  And the Internet was down too.

Best laid plans.  

On Sunday the electricity went out, and because the water comes from a well with an electric pump, the water was out too. 

 Welcome to the country.  :)

No phone, cable or internet(or electricity or water for that matter) meant we had plenty of time to unpack.  My favorite part. I hate packing but I love unpacking!  Setting up a new place is always exciting.  

I'm having fun decorating.  I'll post finished pictures later.   

For now things are still kind of a mess and there are still a lot of boxes outside on the deck.  And inside the house. Pretty much everywhere really. 

That's the one part of unpacking that I don't like.  

The most important thing is that we are moved, and the new place is wonderful and I love it there.  Truly love it.  I don't have a lot of pictures but I took a few.  

This was the last time I ever had to go  in/out of this.   Ever.   

I wasn't brave enough to drive the uhaul up the mountain so I had joe do it. 

This gives me anxiety.  Thankfully it looks much better now.  

Road closure.  It was so funny because people who were coming up from the other side would drive all the way up to the barricade and stare incredulously at the barrier like they couldn't believe theroad was  really closed.  As if every sign they saw on the way up had been lying.  Doofuses. 

Taking a break from unpacking to enjoy the view from my deck.  Love these oak trees. 

For our first meal in our new house I made chicken with homemade gravy and sautéed mushrooms, roasted asparagus and boysenberry pie.  So yummy. 

I posted this picture on instagram with hashtag movingday and uhaul commented on it asking if I would enter it into a contest to have it put in a collage on some of their trucks.  How cool would that be?  I hope they pick me!

All in all it was a stressful move, but it's over and we are all settled in and I love it.  I truly love it.  Every day I come home and think how lucky am I that I actually get to live here?

So very lucky.

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