Saturday, May 14, 2016

2016 Recap February

2016 Recap Part 2.  Again, this was all on fb so you might have Deja Vu and can skip it if you want.

Caught some stunning sunsets in February, although I was counting down the days until Daylight Saving time ended.  I hate it being dark when I get off of work!

Got a couple of rides in.  Sadly, I haven't really ridden since. I've been plagued with thyroid troubles since the New Year(more on that later) and I've been feeling just plain crappy.

Found some oldie but goodie photos of me in my horseshoe days.  Top overall rider in the state of CA Bay-bee.  Man that was forever ago.  I'm 16 in this photo.

Valentine's Day and our anniversary were lovely. 
We had dinner at The Storybook Cafe in The Grand Californian again.
The dessert buffet is my favorite.
They gave us these very cute buttons when we told them it was our anniversary.
Unfortunately  when we left they charged us $48 for going over our 3 hour free time limit(we parked at the hotel), even though TWO people told us we had 3 hours from the time our ticket was validated at the restaurant, and not from the time we parked.  Forty.Eight.Dollars.  That's highway robbery.  I get it, they are discouraging people from parking there and going to the theme parks but still.  It was a mistake(and it was their fault for giving out the wrong information), and they could have made it right if they wanted to and they just didn't want to.  This is the first time we have ever been disappointed in the customer service at Disney.  That's a $48 button you're looking at right there.  We didn't let it spoil our night.  We still had a wonderful time.
Anniversary manicure

The Saturday night before Valentine's Day I had this harebrained idea to make some Valentine's treats for my co-workers that required the baking of 5 dozen cupcakes.

Yes, I bought too much mix, and not enough frosting.  I'm not good at math.
5 dozen cupcakes is a lot.

But they turned out so cute.  Cupcakes in a jar.  Pinterest idea, of course.

My Sees-ter sent this yummy edible arrangement to my work.  Everyone enjoyed it.

Joe broke our don't-buy-valentinesday-stuff and brought me flowers and a balloon.  We don't buy Valentine's Day stuff or flowers even for our anniversary because it's three times the cost.  We usually wait until the next week when things are back to normal price, and chocolate is 75% off.
And Champagne of course. Gotta have champagne for your anniversary.

23 years.  Hard to believe.

In March The X-Files returned to television. Yay!  Joe and I were both very excited.  
Mulder and Scully 4Ever.
We both enjoyed the episodes, but were disappointed in the ending. 



Alyson and Ford said...

Catching up on your blog, AA loves horse riding lessons. Happy Anniversary! Yes, champagne is essential. And I agree, Facebook is just too much even though I am in the thick of it - too many relatives communicate through Facebook now, can't give it up!

Alyson Morgan

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