Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I have been somewhat absent from this here blog lately. Sorry about that. It wasn't intentional.

My life has still been pretty much a whirlwind of activity since Halloween, when I last posted.

Over the last three weeks I have been spending one day every weekend in San Bernadino visiting with my cousins and checking up on my uncle. It is a two and a half hour round trip, which includes picking up and dropping off my Dad on the way, and it has been eating up a lot of my weekend. I'm not complaining. In fact, I haven't been able to spend this much time with my cousins in years(some of whom I usually only see once a year), so that has been fun.

My uncle had been slowly improving, but I recently discovered that his recovery took a couple of steps backwards and he is now in the ICU again. I don't know exactly what the reasons are, or how he is doing yet. Hopefully I will find out more today.

The ele.ction. It's finally over. I don't have much to say about it that others haven't said far more eloquently. I didn't see the acceptance speech, or anything else last night past the time when they called the election in Ob.ama's favor. I turned off the t.v. and laid with a heat pack on my shoulders last night for about an hour before I went to bed so I missed all of the excitement. I wish my friends and family who are Repub.lican were't so disappointed in the outcome of this election and I hope that their worries and fears turn out to be unfounded. If not, in another 4 years we have the choice to make another change. That's the beauty of living in America.

I did something to my neck on Sunday while I slept and it has been causing me so much pain over the last three days. Now the pain has settled between my shoulder blades and it is wearing me out. It's funny how you forget certain things. I used to live my life in almost continual pain before the hysterectomy and I had completely forgotten how exhausting it can be.

Of course, I could have gone to the chiropractor yesterday and I would have felt a lot better today, but Noooooooooo............I didn't want to spend the money(my co-pay is $45) and last night I was in terrible pain, and today is not much better and I always think "It will feel better tomorrow" and then it doesn't and I regret not going to the doctor. Why do I do that?

Now we're off to our "facilitation" appointment and oh joy are those fun.



Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hope that your neck is feeling better tomorrow.....that pain is the worst!

Sounds like it could be from all the driving that you are doing!!

Kayce said...

Ohh I'm sorry about your neck. That sucks! Yes pain is horrible and sooooo exhausting. Glad you are enjoying time with your cousins, and I will continue to keep your uncle in my prayers.

Polar Bear said...

Ouch! Sorry to read that you're in so much pain. I sure hope it is better today!

It's neat you get to spend so much time with your dad and family. What treasured moments those will be. I hope your uncle is better soon.