Saturday, November 08, 2008

Random Blog post

I still got nothin'. I'm not really even sure what I'm doing here right now. My life is a big snoozefest right now. Seriously.

Here's some random stuff:

I heart Cost.Co. They have wonderful customer service. That's something that's hard to find these days. My co-worker DeAnn and I are on the phone all day with insurance companies. Not a day goes by that one or the other of us(usually DeAnn) is lamenting the lack of customer service we encounter when speaking with people on the phone. It seems to both of us that customer service is not something that is a priority to many companies today.

Anyway, about Cost.Co. Last January for my birthday my sister purchased a portable navigation system for me for my car. I loved it. I used it all the time(almost every day). I have no sense of direction. At. All. Not only did this solve that problem, but it also came in handy for looking up restaurants, or stores, or parks that were in the vicinity of my location. So cool! Plus it eliminated the need for me to Map.Quest everything, which often lead me astray. I love my navigation system. I can't live without it. Well I could, but it makes my life much easier :)

That's why I was so bummed when it stopped working on me last Saturday on the way home from my Uncle's house. Just up and died. Wouldn't stay on, wouldn't keep a charge.

My Dad suggested I take it back to Cost.Co. I have to admit, I was skeptical. I didn't have the receipt, or the box, it was purchased many months ago, online and not in the store, etc. I thought for sure they were going to tell me it was a manufacturing problem and I would have to contact them.

Well today after lunch we stopped by the local Cost.Co to see what(if anything) could be done.

I brought all the "parts" with me and carried it up to the customer service desk and told them the problem. They looked up my receipt on their computer(ALL stores should do this) and asked me how I would like my refund. That's it!

The guy behind the counter even called his manager over and the manager apologized to me for the system not working properly.

No arguments, no asking me if I dropped it, or if it got wet(which it didn't), nothing. Just "How would you like your money back? With cash or a store credit?"

I was shocked!

I chose a store credit and went immediately into the store and bought a new one, which was the upgraded version, for less money than Lisa had paid for the first one. Score!

Cost.Co, I love you.

Speaking of things I love, I am so infatuated with Jason Mraz right now. Love his music. My new favorite song is the one that's playing right now. It's called "Sleeping to Dream". This song pretty much sums up my feelings about the adoption wait right now. Here are the lyrics:

I'm dreaming of sleeping next to you
I'm feeling like a lost little boy in a brand new town.
I'm counting my sheep and each one that passes is another dream to ashes
and they all fall down.
And as I lay me down tonight,
I close my eyes, what a beautiful sight.

Sleeping to dream about you
and I'm so tired.
Of havin' to live without you
But I don't mind.
Sleeping to dream about you and I'm so tired.
Oh, yes I...

I found myself in the riches
(Your eyes, your lips, your hair.)
And you were everywhere.
I woke up in the ditches.
I hit the light and I thought you might be here
But you were nowhere. (You were nowhere)
Well, you were nowhere at home.
As I lay me back to sleep,
And Lord I pray that I can Keep.

Sleeping to dream about you
and I'm so tired.
Of having to live without you
But I don't mind.
Sleeping to dream about you and I'm so tired.

"Tired of having to live without you". Yeah. That pretty much sums it up.

In a few minutes DeAnn is going to pick me up and we're going to go spend the evening at Disneyland. The Happiest Place on Earth. Woo hoo! I can't wait. We have to use the discounted tickets I was able to get when I did the CHOC walk last month. I hope it isn't that crowded. Wishful thinking I'm sure.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Have to agree with you about Cost. Co.....unfortunately, we don't have one close...but when I travel, I always stop in!!

Aren't navigation systems the best?? I would be lost without mine....I am always on the road for work and I cover 4 states!!

Disneyland sounds like a fun place to spend a Saturday.....have a great time!!

Kylie's momma said...

YEA! I so understand your frustrations about customer service. BTDT!!! And I know what you mean about Cost.Co one of the reasons we'll buy there first if just for that reason. Even if it's a litte more it's worth it just in case. Oh hope you had fun at's cold and wet here :-(

Rhonda said...

Awesome about the nav. system! I'm glad you didn't have any problems returning it...that's always such a hassle.

OH MY #6 said...

U have the best weekend.

I have a love/hate relationship with my navigation system.


Daniella said...

I love C*ost*co too - I have a similiar experience with a return - no questions. I am hating customer service quality right now - it's been really bad lately, especially with banks. Okay I'm loving this song - staying on your blog to listen.

dmbonilla said...

I heart too! everything about it. I had a blast at Disney Thanks for going! The fireworks were amazing..

Snowflowers Mum said...

I love our nuvi...I am useless at directions and I have the same issue with Mapquest...we've had ours a year and love it!

from your earlier post, I also wish Republican friends could be less angry about the election results, I've had some REALLY nasty comments on my blog from so called forgive me if I'm wrong, but the last time I checked 'judgement' wasn't their job.

I'm happy with the outcome, and hope he will show those who don't trust him that there is a possibility of change within all of us, and the Nation might just benefit from it!

and by he, I mean Obama.