Monday, February 09, 2009

Love Monday

**Image from Flickr**


Kayce said...

I too love Mondays when there is no school and no work!

Michelle said...

Hey Kayce-

I wasn't implying that I love Mondays because I really don't. Maybe I would like today more if we had the day off(which we don't).

I'm doing a "Love" theme this week since Valentine's Day(and our anniversary) is on Saturday. Each day this week I'm going to post a picture of a heart.

But I'm glad you are loving today! :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

LOVE Valentine's Day. And those strawberries are scrumptious. Now.. if only they were drizzled with chocolate!

Liene said...

The strawberries are beautiful. Love the heart shape. I know I would have a hard time eating them because of how pretty they are.

Hope you're hanging in there.