Friday, July 24, 2009

San Diego

I got to spend a couple of days in San Diego with my Sees-ter and family while they were here on vacation this week.

We drove down there and back a total of 3 times. That's a lot of time in the car, as it is an hour and 40 minute drive each way. We had tons of fun though, and I even got to go to Sea World, which I haven't been to in years. Here are a few pictures:

We spent one night in Old Town for dinner. We love it there.


It is so beautiful

If you know me, you know I never pass up a chance to go to a candy store.

I went to Sea World on Wednesday. I let Lisa take most of the pictures there, since she had her good camera with her. I couldn't pass up this otter though. So cute!

We went on the roller coaster/water ride "Journey to Atlantis". So fun! Here's Cameron before our ascent

Grace had no idea what we were getting her into. Heh. I love this pic.

On Thursday we took Finn down with us and went to a dog beach. Here he is looking handsome. He ate a lot of sand!

The Smith Family

We found this bike in one of the shops at Ocean Beach in San Diego. I heart this bike. I want it. Orange is my new favorite color. I have serious bike envy over this bike.

I told you Orange is my new favorite color!
I know I look happy in this picture but appearances can b e deceiving! About 10 minutes before this was taken I was walking down at the pool and I slipped and fell flat on my back HARD on the cement. My whole back and rear end was dirty and soaking wet and I was(and still am) quite sore. No, my middle name is NOT "Grace". :)

The hotel had a "Dive-In" movie. The kids even had popcorn in the pool. So fun! I have seen other people on FB talking about their communities having these too. What a neat idea.

Finn chillin' at the pool.


Carrie said...

What fun!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

how fun. Great photos and you look fantastic.


2china4S said...

So glad you guys got a chance to have fun. We miss Sea World (and So Cal) so much and can't wait to take SS to see the penguins.

What is Lisa holding in her right hand on the ride?

You look great for someone who took a nasty spill. Hope your back is OK.

What kind of candy did you get? What is your favorite candy?

Sorry, I ask too many questions. :)

Michelle said...

Hi K-

Lisa is holding her camera! It's waterproof. I think you may have the same one?

My back is fine now. Thanks for asking. I was sore for a couple of days but am feeling better now.

I love anything sour! They didn't have a huge selection of sour candy at that store, so I go sour jelly bellys and sour patch kids. I also got a ton of those candy sticks at the top of the picture there.

Oh, and Lemonheads! Remember those from when we were kids? Mmmmm............

Kayce said...

I just love the picture of you and Joe, you guys look great! Glad your back is better now.

Kris said...

Looks like tons of fun! Great photos too!!