Monday, October 05, 2009

Lucky Me

There are a few departments in my life where I feel I am extremely unlucky.

I have been unlucky in the trying-to-become-a-Mom department.

I have been unlucky in the health department. Seriously. Do you know anyone who has more health issues(or gets sicks as much) as I do?

I have been very unlucky in the my-husband-needs-to-find-a-job department(It has been 9 long months since my husband lost his job)

But there are other ways in which tend to be lucky. Mostly with giveaways or contests. Especially on the radio, but also with blog giveaways lately.

5 or 6 years ago I won a trip for 2 to Hawaii.

I have won concert tickets at least 5 times.

I won $100 cash once.

Last month I won 4 tickets to see "Cirque du Soliel's" Kooza show. We love Cirque and used to go every year but due to finances haven't been in probably 4 years or so. It starts this month and we cannot wait to go see it.

All of those by simply being the right number caller on the radio. Well the last one I was the 20th texter, not caller. But you get the idea.

I have won quite a few items on blogs over the last couple of months too.

Last year I won this banner:

I won this on a blog giveaway a couple of months ago:

Love it.

And this:

It's a beautiful maple handmade skillet rack. (No, those aren't my skillets. I wish!)
They make them here, but I won mine on this website.

Then just this morning(on the radio again)I won a hundred dollar gift card for a fancy restaurant down by the beach (keep in mind that anything above Wendy's is fancy for us)and qualified for another trip to Hawaii. The gift card comes at a great time because I was just lamenting to my husband that there was no way we were going to be able to go out to dinner for his birthday later this month. But now we can. And to a place we never could have afforded on our own!

All of this free stuff for very little effort. For the blog giveaways all I had to do was leave a comment! Free stuff for something I would have done anyway.

The radio contests take a little more effort. Usually calling in at the right time, when you hear a cue or the song of the day. The key to those is perseverance.

I listen to several radio stations in the car. Last month one of them was doing the trip-a-day to Hawaii giveaway. I called in every single(weekday), 3 times a day trying to qualify-on my way to work, on my lunch break, and on my way home. No dice.

Then the radio station we listen to at work started having the same promotion. Today was the first day of their contest. I heard the audio cue at around 10:00, called in and viola! $100 restaurant gift card. Free money!

Even though I wasn't able to get through last month I kept at it.

It turns out I didn't win the Hawaii trip today. And that's O.K. My name is still in the drawing so I have 15 more chances to win this month. But if I don't that's fine too. At least I tried.

And now my husband and I get to go out and celebrate his birthday at a nice restaurant. And later in the month we get to go to a really cool show.

But the real reasons I am lucky is because I have a husband who loves me and a family that is healthy and a job that is secure. All this other stuff is just the icing on top.

Lucky indeed.


3D said...

Sometimes it is really hard to find the positive when all you see is negative. You, my dear, are a shining example of finding the good. Congrats on the prizes...I hope wining a Hawaii trip is in your near future as well!!

Keep smilin!

Carrie said...

Glad your looking up! I am not lucky in the winning department! Plus I try when I am feeling low to remember that I know someone has it worse than I do and if they can keep moving on so can I! Life has highs and lows but just remember God loves you and will take care of you!

Ashley said...

You have won some really fun things! Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful birthday celebration. And you are right, you are lucky in the things that matter most!
hugs, Ashley

Kayce said...

That last sentence says it all!!!! You are a lucky gal!!