Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Girl's Weekend

Last weekend I got to get way with a few girlfriends for a girl's weekend.  I'm so lucky.

There were supposed to be 7 of us attending.  Due to a  huge miscommunication with half our group, half of us ended up on one ship out of L.A. and the other half ended up on a different ship out of San Diego.  Oops!  Besides missing the other half of the group the whole time, the weekend was awesome.  We had the best time.

Here's a couple of things I learned on our trip:

Even if you have never suffered motion sickness before, there is a first time for everything.

No matter how many times you tell me our floor or room number, I won't remember them.

Being the only sober people in the room makes watching Karaoke super fun.

If you want to get good deals while shopping in Ensenada, shop with Heidi or Stacey.
If you prefer to pay full price, shop with Lisa.

When shopping in Ensenada, sometimes you have to pay the guy on the street  to just go away and leave you alone, even if you don't necessarily want the item he is trying to sell you.

You know you're getting older when you throw your back out jumping out of bed to greet the room service guy.  It may also be an indicator that you need to get out more.

No matter how many times you are reminded that all of the food is included throughout your entire trip, you will still wait 10 minutes after dinner for the check  to come every single night.

It might be time to lose some weight when after coming off the water slide a kid says to you
"Wow.  You made a really big splash".

You can never have enough ice cream.  Ever.

A few of my favorite quotes of the weekend.

Heidi, to me, in a crowded elevator.
Heidi:  "You're Boob is touching my arm.  I kind of like it."
Me: "Well that's good.  Because when your boobs are as big as mine, it's likely to happen again sometime throughout our trip."

Stacey, to Lisa, while shopping in Ensenada
Lisa(to the shop owner, after putting on a bracelet she was interested in)
"How much is this bracelet?"
Shop Owner:  "Eighty Five Dollars."
Stacey:(In her best Mom voice) "Eighty five dollars???  Lisa, take that off!!"
The funniest part is that Lisa practically ripped it off her arm as quickly as she could when Stacey told her to.

Stacey, to a shop owner in Ensenada
We were looking at glass pipes in the window, trying to figure out what they were for.
Me: "What do you smoke with that?"
Stacey: "That's a crack pipe"
Shop owner: "Would you like to see that?"
Stacey:  "No thanks.  We don't smoke crack".

And now here are more pictures than you ever wanted to see of our trip.

Heidi, Me and Stacey waiting for the ship to leave port

Lisa and me checking the temperature of the pool water.  We were told it would be the temperature of the ocean(brrrr!), but it was actually as warm as a hot tub!

Pool and Water slide                                 Atrium Court inside the ship 

Leaving port

Towel Animals.  I loved these.  Can you tell?

 Atrium court at night

Stacey getting cozy with Lisa on deck

Heidi demonstrating the ice cream rule
They had a towel animal class!!  I didn't go.  I wish I had.

I couldn't wait to try out the water slide.  You can see how excited I am here.  See earlier note about needing to get out more.

Getting ready to go down.  I can't believe I am posting pictures of me in a bathing suit on the internet.  These may have to come down soon.

It was fast!  I'm holding onto my sunglasses here so I wouldn't lose them.

We played Bingo.  I came very close to winning.  I didn't win. 

Lisa and I with our non-winning Bingo cards
 Fruity drinks.  The only ones of the whole trip
We saw dolphins.  It was the most awesome thing ever.

And a beautiful sunset
Thriller dance class.  We chose not to participate.  It was much more fun to sit on the sidelines and make fun of the people who did choose to participate.

We went into Ensenada on Sunday for a few hours of shopping.

We didn't buy these glasses.  Now I kind of wish we had.

They had a lot of Viagra for sale.  Nope, didn't buy any of that either

 A stick figure with a penis is always funny.  Always.

The sign said "Do Not Step on Grass".  I don't  listen or follow directions well.

Port in Ensenada.  Back on the ship before dinner.


A Mexican seagull 

Piano Bar.  Get it? Heh.

 I finally(on the last night) found the Sushi bar.  I was a happy girl after that.

Stacey and Heidi being silly on deck.  

Cool night shots as we left the port in Ensenada

Actually, slightly blurry but cool night shots.

 Our waiter.  He was nice and he had to put up with our shenanigans every night.

More towel animals.  I love towel animals. I wish someone would put one of
these on my bed every night.

Lisa decided she needed a nap so of course we had to mess with her and take pcitures.

 Waiting for the cheesy after dinner show to start.  It was cheesy with a capital C.

Monday was a complete nightmare.  Besides having to get off the ship and go back to reality(sniff), Lisa's flight was delayed so we waited all day before deciding to try and get another flight the next day.  It was pouring rain, we were soaking wet from trying to retrieve her luggage from the terminal, and we had horrible traffic on the way home(took us 3 and a half hours).

But on the way home we saw the most beautiful and breathtaking rainbow I have ever seen in my life.

 It was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.

Can't wait to do it again, next time with the whole posse!


mumma to many said...

Looks like loads of fun!
Hopefully the other group had a great time too!
Hugs Ruth in NZ
PS loved the stick figure too!

Rhonda said...

Stick figure penis...hilarious!

I can't stop looking at it. I know that doesn't sound right, but oh...my...dawg!

So glad you had a great time on the cruise. :)

Jenna said...

That looks like an awesome weekend! I hope that it was just what you needed.

M3 said...

Looks like a blast!! Your descriptions are so funny and the pictures are awesome (love the closeup sister pic, how cool is that?!). Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun.

Kayce said...

Great pictures!! You guys look like you had the best time!! So glad!!

Retro Girl said...

Thanks for this post! I totally feel like i just had a virtual girls vacay! I needed that! (I need a real one!!!! lol but this certainly helps!)

Also...now I know where "guitar girl" on Idol got her glasses! LOL

2china4S said...

Loved the pictures! So glad that you had the opportunity to get away and have some fun. That stick figure is priceless, can't wait for P to see it.

Lisa and Tate said...

Looks like such a funtime! The Viagra posters made me laugh!


Kylie's momma said...

Sooo fun! So was this your 1st cruise? How did you like Carnival? A girls only trip you ROCK! I've been dying to do something like forever. LOVED all your pictures. And commentary too...too funny! Rainbows rocked!