Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Japanese Tea Gardens

One of my New Year resoloutions was to blog more.  I'm way behind so I'm going to start with this.  The next few posts may be out of order as I work my way back to Christmas and up to my birthday.

On New Year's Day Joe and I went to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.  It started raining pretty much the minute we arrived, after a cloudy, rainless day up to that point.  I was so disappointed and we almost left.  I'm so glad we didn't!  We got a parking space directly across from the entrance, which has NEVER happened to us, and the minute it started raining almost everyone left and we had the place to ourselves.  It was awesome.  We even had tea there, which we say we're going to do every time we go and it's always too crowded.  It was the perfect way to spend the 21st anniversary of our first date and one of the most memorable days of our trip.

It is simply breathtaking there.

You can see the rain was coming down pretty good here but we had jackets and umbrellas and we hardly noticed it at all.



Isn't it gorgeous there?



We got to borrow Lisa's camera and I got some cool shots of the raindrops on the branches of a tree.




Joe could spend all day there.  We stayed until closing and they pretty much  kicked us out.

Here was the tea we had(taken with my cell phone). It was very good.  Definitely something we will be doing again.

 This was our fortune.  I have a little book that I keep all of our fortunes in.  I have been saving them since we were logged in with China.  Yes, I'm weird.  I have three year's worth of fortunes saved so far.
We have recieved this exact fortune no less than 8 times in the last three years.  Either this is a very popular fortune or somebody is trying to tell me something!

In case you can't read the grainy cell phone pic, it says "Good things are coming to you in due course of time".  Yeah, yeah yeah.  Whatever.  :)


Anonymous said...

I love it there.

Anonymous said...

Great Pics... thanks for sharing!

Kiy said...

I am so behind! First, happy birthday to you and Sis! Hope you had a nice day.

Next, great great great pic's! I might have mentioned it a time or two (or seventy) that we lived in Japan for five years. Best five years of my life (except for the Emi years!). I loved everything about Japan, the people, the music, the architecture, the tea! Make sure, when you are in China to wangle yourself a tea visiting. I didn't think anything could top tea in Japan, tea in China did! It was an amazing experience.

Cheers, Kiy

Kayce said...

Okay! Next time you're up, lets meet there!! I just love it there! Your pictures are amazing Michelle!!

Briana's Mom said...

The pictures you took are amazing! What a beautiful place.

M3 said...

Oh wow, your pics are gorgeous!!! So glad you guys had a great time there. We've never taken the girls, can you believe it? Next time you're up there give us a yell and we'll all try to meet you there (unless of course you guys are having a hot date, which we totally understand!)