Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I heart Dolphins

I was going to name this post "A day in Dana Point" or something like that,
but when I saw the pictures that I took and chose for this blog post I decided to just call it "I heart dolphins" because that is pretty much all I took pictures of.  

That, and I really do heart them (who doesn't, right?).  
Except that after this experience I super duper heart them!

Lisa and family, along with a few friends came down this way for a trip to visit some of the CA Missions. On Sunday they took a break from the Mission tours to go on a "Dolphin and Whale Safari".  When she asked us if Joe and I wanted to come along of course I said "Yes please"!

 Lisa's hotel had this cool chair.  I wanted one.

Isn't it neat?  I could picture myself curling up and reading a book there.

Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari in Dana Point.  You should check them out.  It rocked.

Leaving the Harbor


Joe didn't leave this spot at the bow of the boat the entire trip.  Almost three hours he stood out there.  I think he may have enjoyed himself a wee bit :)

Pretty soon we were in the middle of a pod of Common dolphins.

So.  Cool.

Beautiful Boat!  See all the dolphins swimming around it? 
O.K., they are kinda hard to see in the picture  
Take my word for it; they were everywhere!

                         Check out the dolphin in the air at the lower right hand corner of the pic

After following the common dolphins around for an hour and a half or so, and searching for whales, a pod of Bottle nosed dolphins showed up.  They were much more playful than the common dolphins and were jumping out of the water like crazy.  So neat.

                                  So beautiful!

Finally a picture of my nephew on my blog.  Isn't he handsome?

Family picture.  Check the shark on Cameron's shirt.  It looks like it's trying to eat Lisa.

I know this looks strange but if you lie down and look through the webbing you can see the dolphins swimming right underneath you. When the boat dips down you get so close to the water you could touch them if your arm fit through the holes.  Did I mention it was really cool?   It was REALLY cool.  

  I had a picture of Joe and me doing this together but he took one look at it and said it was not blog worthy due to the unflattering poses. I suppose I shouldn't tell him my sister put in on FB  :)

I can't wait to go back and do this again.  It was so fun.  Maybe next time we'll see a whale!

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Kylie's momma said...

COOL is not a good enough word! WoW! What a trip! Thanks for sharing. I HEART thme too! And I LOVED htat chair!!!