Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stay-Cation 2011

 Next week our office is closed so our doctor can take a vacation (without paying his employees-thanks a lot), so I have 6 days off.

It's a short week this week, since we have Wednesday and Thursday off (but have to work on Friday-lame).

Tomorrow I got us tickets to see a taping of the Chelsea Handler show in L.A.  It should be fun.

Thursday I might hook up with Lisa and friends to go to Universal Studios.  I haven't been there in like 15 years!

We can't go anywhere over the 6 days I am off, which sucks. I want to go on vacation so bad. I miss our yearly camping trips to Big Sur so much.   Last week I had a dream that we were there camping and it was so beautiful.    When the alarm went off and I realized it was a dream I wanted to cry.

In an effort not to become completely bored I have been compiling a list of free/low cost things that we can do during our "Stay-Cation".

Saturday, June 25th-We have dragon Boat practice and then I will go visit my Dad for a bit since I have to drop something off at his house.  When I get home I may lay out by our pool.  Or I might save that activity for a weekday when no one else is there, lest I blind them with the whiteness of my skin.

Sunday, June 26th-We usually hang out at home on Sundays, watching movies.  I will try to make it to church in the morning, then  probably a walk or a bike ride later in the day.

Monday, June 27th-Take a trip down into Dana Point to wander around the tide pools. Wish we could go on another dolphin safari.  So fun.

Possibly stop in and check out the Dana Point Ocean Institute.  It's only $6.50 per person.
If the weather permits, lay on the sand under an umbrella for most of the day listening to the sounds of the surf.  Bliss.

Tuesday, June 28th-We are thinking about a trip to the L.A. Zoo.  We haven't been there in years and it is only $14 per person.  Of course we would bring our own food.

                                          Hee!  I love Hippos

Wednesday we may use some movie tickets I won to go see Super 8.  It looks really good.  We bring our own popcorn and drinks.  I carry a large purse.  :)

And then on Thursday I have to go back to work and my stay-cation will be over.  Gosh it seems like it's going to go so fast when I look at it in writing.

Of course I am known for making a bunch of plans and then deciding that laying around in my pajamas all day and watching movies sounds more fun so I do that instead.

I'll let you know which activities we actually end up doing.


Anonymous said...

It's been years since I've seen a movie in the theater, but I carry a large purse when I go, too. Sometimes that purse is even big enough for an adult beverage or two (or three).

Kayce said...

I wish you guys could come up and we could camp but your staycation is looking like it's full of good times and fun! Miss you friend!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Hope your enjoying. I haven't been around much computer issues!


Kelli said...

Sounds like you've got lots of fun things planned! Enjoy it!