Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Seems as if I don't have any real topics to blog about lately, so more bullets it is.  I think facebook is killing my writing mojo.  It's so much easier to sum up things in short bursts.

We had a hard week last week as a couple.  My last post explains a little of the reason for that.  The other reasons I'm not at liberty to talk about in a public forum.  There are times when marriage is  hard.  Even after 18 and a half years.  It's just hard.  This too shall pass.

Tomorrow we are going to see the stage play of Mary Poppins.  I am so excited!  It was one of my favorite movies as a kid (after Pete's Dragon-that was my very favorite).  It has been way too long since we saw anything on the stage.  That is one thing I miss about Joe having a job.  We used to go see plays pretty regularly and I don't think we have seen one in almost 2 and a half years.  Well, Lisa and I did see Wicked, but the two of us haven't seen one together in a long time.  I'm so excited!! I'm not sure that Joe is as excited as I am. If he got to choose a play for us to see, Mary Poppins would not be his first choice.  But the tickets were a steal ($14.00 per ticket, plus convenience charge). And he is happy to go because it makes me happy. He is so good about that.

Joe brought home this dog toy for Gizmo the other day:

Doesn't every dog need a pirate rubber chicken?  I cracks me up.  And it makes the most hideous noise when you squeeze it.  Not a squeak, per say, but kind of a groaning sound.  I stepped on it in the middle of the night last week and it almost gave me a heart attack.  Of course Gizmo loves it.

Our local news came and did a short story on our dragon boat team on Sunday. It was pretty cool. I tried my best to stay off camera but they still caught me a couple of times.  Joe and I are in the opening sequence where the team is warming up.  We are both doing jumping jacks.  Yay!  Not.  If there was ever something I would not want shown on television, it would be me doing jumping jacks.  Thankfully it was brief.  Then you could see me in the boat at the end of the clip too.  They actually did a very lengthy interview with Joe which they ended up not using, which he was thrilled about.  He did not want to do the interview in the first place but the reporter asked him like 4 times and finally he gave in. It was about the adoption process and the wait. I think it would have been cool if they used it but he was so relieved that they didn't.  Joe is not a t.v. kind of guy.  :)

Here's the clip:

View more videos at: http://www.nbclosangeles.com.

I have two job interviews on Wednesday.  I am not getting my hopes up. I have been on several interviews and not been offerred the job (the one I was offerred didn't have health insurance), so I am trying to go into these interviews with no expectations to avoid disappointment.  I really need to find a full time job.  As much as I love working four days, the reality is that if Joe doesn't find a job then I have to bring in more money.  It sucks but I have to do what I have to do.

Dragon Boat races are this weekend.  Woo hoo!  We have a blast every year and are so looking forward to them.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry your struggling with Joe. I feel your pain we have been together 12 and we still have issues every once in awhile. I just remind myself why I married him!