Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday

I wanted to do wordless Wednesday today but I didn't have a picture to post and I can almost never do them because it's too hard for me not to say anything.  :)

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last posted. That week just flew by! Probably because I had last Monday off.  I only work 4 days per week so if we have a week day off it puts me at a three day work week.  Which would be lovely if I got paid for my days off.  But I don't.  Sucks. As much as I love the time off I would much rather have the money I would make if I was working.

There are only 2 more weekends of Dragon Boat practice and then the races and then it will all be over until next year.  SOB!!  You already how much I love it, but I can't even tell you much much we are going to miss it.
We will miss hanging out at the beach.
We will miss being in the boat. We will miss the exercise.
 We will miss the people we practice with, who we have formed bonds with but probably won't see again until next year.
We will miss  the weekly trips to In-N-Out after practice every week with the group(for grilled cheese sandwiches since we don't eat red meat-yum!).

We will simply miss everything about it!

Joe has been scouring Craigslist to see if we can find a used Kayak but he haven't had any luck. The ones he has found are still not in our budget.  I'm so bummed.  Joe is going to put an ad up on Freecycle asking if anyone has one that is sitting in their yard in disrepair that he can fix up. He is very resourceful and with his Dad's help he's pretty sure he could fix one up if he can find one.

I have been trying my hand at making fabric rosettes for some craft projects I want to make.  I'm kind of hit or miss with them.  They are more difficult than I thought they would be.  Here's a picture of some of my first attempts:

There are several different types you can make and I am going to try a totally different technique later today with patterned fabric.  I hope they turn out.

We have been really good at getting exercise in pretty regularly throughout the week.  Dragon Boating on Saturday(or Sunday), a bike ride on whatever weekend day we don't have dragon boat, plus two more walking days throughout the rest of the week.  I am really trying to focus on just being healthy and not obsess over weight loss right now.  That part will definitely come later, but for now we are exercising regularly and trying to eat healthier.

Speaking of eating healthier, the other day Joe ran through Wendy’s because we were in a hurry.  I wanted to try and keep up my healthy eating habits so I looked to see if what their healthy options were.  I ended up ordering their Berry Almond chicken salad.

Oh my, it was soooooooo good!  It had lots of fresh blueberries and strawberries in it, plus a generous amount of almonds and grilled chicken.  The dressing was like a raspberry vinaigrette (I'm off to google it so see exactly what it was).

I didn't take this picture but someone on the internet did  and it looked pretty much exactly like this:

I loved it so much I am going to try and re-create it at home so we can have it for dinner on those nights when it is too hot to cook.  So good.

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