Thursday, August 11, 2011


Mostly just pictures today.  DeAnn and I went to the Fair yesterday.  We had fun.

Such a cute display in the tent

Love, love love this bunting idea.  Perfect for a party.

I have been looking into ways I can grow things on our balcony.  I am doing this for sure!  Hanging herb garden in soft drink bottles.  Love it!

Baby animals are always cute

So sweet

This guy was handsome

Baby cows.  So cute.

No piglets this year.  Bummer.

Hydroponics.  Joe wants to do this too.

Tribal masks and totem poles.  Had no idea these were popular. Or maybe they aren't?  LOL

Funnel cake.  Mmmmmmm.

Fair food.  Yum.

G Force
We rode this.  It was hard core.  But the sky ride we were on when I took this scared me more. 

On Saturday we went to a 40th birthday party. I saw this online and wanted to try it. 
I couldn't fit 40 suckers in the bouquet.  I still think it's cute.

I made this necklace that I saw on Pinterest as a gift.  I like the way it turned out.  I am going to play around and make a couple more.  I want one for myself.

I think it turned out cute

My new favorite picture of us.  Taken at the party.

That is all.


Brenda said...

Wonderful photo of you and Joe! And you are so talented, Michelle. I bet you could sell those on Etsy for sure.

D and S said...

I love fairs like those. Such fun! Glad you guys were able to go out and enjoy the day.